Thursday, September 5, 2013

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

So I've had a bunch of reviews ready to go for weeks now and haven't gotten around to posting them. I decided to share them with you when I saw Christine's excellent review at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. As always her review is fantastic so if you're thinking about picking this up check hers out as well.

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder is one of those products I wanted to try all summer but never got around to it. It seemed like the perfect summer foundation but I've been working really hard to use up some of the foundation I already have. Besides mascara this is the only product I actively want to use up before it expires. For eyes and lips I'm not as concerned as long as the texture is right.

Liquid Powder seems like an oxymoron but that's exactly what it is. When you pour it out you get a liquid but it (pretty quickly, so watch out for that) sets into a powder finish. I could have sworn that I used powder foundation when I was done. The texture is matte but not dead, I'm trying to be a vampire matte.

The coverage is medium, as is the wear time. I wouldn't use this in fall or winter because my skin is too dry, I feel it would just look cakey over my dry patches. Even as I speak my foundation (Maybelline Dream Liquid) looks horrible due to lack of exfoliation even though it's been leaving me a little shiny this summer. It would be perfect for someone with an oily texture.

You don't need more powder but you could use it if you wanted to de-shine. I didn't test to see how well products go on after this foundation so that would be something to check into.

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