Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tocca Graciella

You're probably like me and have more perfume than you know what to do with. Sometimes I wish I was one of those girls who had a signature scent but then I realize how boring that would be. I can't even wear the same mascara day after day, I couldn't do it with scent either. Plus, when you wear one perfume for a long time you can't even smell it anymore. Frankly, I don't care if other people smell my fragrance, I'm the one I want to impress. And this one impresses.

I got two free samples at Sephora after a snafu at the register that had me paying for the same product twice. Once I returned it the lovely salesgirl gave me another perfume sample and a men's sample for my hubby who wielded the credit card.

Like all Tocca fragrances that I've tried this one is light but not weak. It's a very clean scent, a definite watery note that I love. When you sniff it in the bottle it's okay but nothing I would put on my skin, all I smell is flowers and I'm more of a fruity girl even though Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is perhaps my favorite scent right now. (I'm complex, okay?!?) On my skin I definitely smell some of the pear (usually a headache inducing scent on me but not this time) and apricot. The dry down is musky but a clean musk not nasty white musks of the past (another headache from that one).

My only complaint (and how can I complain it was free) is that the rollerball sticks. I have to rub it on my arm for a minute before any perfume comes out. Of course, the actual product doesn't come in a rollerball formula. I may try to decant it into a spray atomizer. That would be perfect. As it is, these will be ideal for my outdoorsy vacation that starts later today. No worries about spilling a bottle of perfume or the scent overpowering me as I take in the cool, late-summer air.

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