Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Awards: The Good

So many award shows, so little time. I couldn't really care less about the awards themselves but the beauty and fashion draw me in every time. The SAG awards are lumped in the middle of the season but provide the stars with an opportunity to see and be seen. I'm truly stunned by some of the looks from last nights show. First and foremost I'm in love with all the different looks we've seen. So take a peek at the rainbow hues seen on the red carpet.

White reigned supreme in my eyes with Amy Adams and Lea Michele two of the best looks of the night. Amy's second skin Herve Leroux highlighted her post-baby figure, offset by her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair pulled into a chic pony. I loved Lea's shimmering Oscar de la Renta and simple makeup. She's not a traditional beauty but I love her ombre highlights, shorter cut and hello! can you say sexy cleavage? It's a very grown up look for a star of a TV show aimed at teens. Also wearing white was the Office's Mindy Kaling and her Grecian Tadashi Shoji dress with metallic belt really makes the most of her beautiful curves. How amazing does the color look with her dark skin?

I know many people will disagree with me but I loved Angie Harmon's pink feathered Monique Lhuillier confection. Yes, it's not exactly age appropriate but it was fun and she truly loved the gown, you could just tell. If you can't have fun with your look you're living a boring life. Also clad in pink was Glee's Heather Morris in Romona Keveza. The strapless cut paired with her blue eyes and blonde hair made her look like the quintessential California girl.

Julianna Margulies, Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland rocked fiery hues to compete with the red carpet. Julianna's scarlet YSL strapless was simple and sophisticated and looked comfortable to wear. Mila's Alexander McQueen offset her beautiful coffee colored hair and delicate collarbone. I loved seeing her take the fashion risk. Modern Family's Sarah Hyland rocked a strapless orange Max Mara Elegante dress, the simple cut and bright color making it entirely age appropriate. The apricot blush looks fabulous on her skintone and I can only hope we can look forward to that gorgeous shade this summer.

Rocking always wearable shades of blue were three of my other favorites of the night Claire Danes in floral Louis Vuitton, Sofia Vergara in cobalt Roberto Cavalli and Julia Stiles in ombre Monique Lhuillier. All of these ladies looked amazing however, I can't say I would have chosen that belt if I were Claire Danes but she more than makes up for it with that fab bright pink lip. I can't wait to wear that color come spring (not that I'm a stickler for the rules, day is night, spring is winter, whatever goes for me). Jenna Fischer's baby blue Fendi looked glorious with her sporty chic pony, long sideswept layers framing her gorgeous face. I love the style and color of her hair.

My favorite color was severely under-appreciated on the red carpet, where's all the purple at? Kim Kardashian (sans her usual hair extensions and fake lashes) rocked a gorgeous purple Marchesa at the award show. I've heard a lot of chatter about the look not flattering her figure but I think she looks amazing and it's nice to see her in something a little less fitted. Louise Roe wore a gorgeous floral Tadashi Shoji, the pattern making her standout in a sea of single color frocks. And, last but not least, Susan Sarandon looked gorgeous and age appropriate off the shoulder eggplant Nicole Miller. This is how a middle aged woman "should" look and if you're going to play by the rules this is the way to do it. Lucky for me, I can appreciate the rule followers as well as the rule breakers.

What looks rocked your world on the red carpet? If you were to wear any of these dresses which would you pick? If I had the figure of any of these women I'd wear Lea's Oscar de la Renta, show off the cleavage and shine on the red carpet.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kristen Bell for Neutrogena

I didn't want to like Kristen Bell, there was something about her that I thought would rub me the wrong way but I must humbly apologize to Ms. Bell. After devouring all of Veronica Mars on Netflix Instant I can now say I pretty much love her. I think I was equating her with her character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and she's not like that at all, it just showcases her amazing acting ability.

You're probably wondering why I went on a Kristen Bell rant. Well, she's the face of Neutrogena's new Naturals line. Kristen bell could not be more perfect for the line, I don't know much about her personal life but I do know (other than the fact that she's engaged to Dax Shepard and loves animals) that she she tries to live her life consciously, doing her part for the environment. She has amazing skin and I can't wait to see some of the ads and try out the line. Neutrogena is highly recommended by dermatologists and I can only imagine that eliminating petrochemicals, dyes, parabens and chemical sulfates will aid those with sensitive or reactive skin achieve an even more flawless complexion.

If you try the line, drop me a line and let me know how much you love or hate it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Golden Globe Fashion: The Bad

Possibly my favorite post of all the Golden Globes looks, Fashion: The Bad. Sometimes when they're bad, they're real bad, as in the case at this years Golden Globes. Just take a look.

Hedi Klum in Marc Jacobs. Heidi is a supermodel, she knows what to wear to look good. It's not the cut of this dress, it's the pattern, the colors and that horrendous bow. I can't imagine this dress looking good on anyone. Perhaps in prettier colors, without the droopy bow? What do you think?

Horribly unflattering posture aside, I have to say this Vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress does little for Julianna Margalies. Less than blessed in the bust area the black just flattens what little is there and the blush pink accentuates her too fair skin. I'm a pale girl, I know how it is but a little shimmer, bronzer, ...something, would have gone a long way.

Half 80's prom dress, half designer gown Julianne Moore's Lanvin dress conjures up images of prom queens for me. The color is bright which is usually not a bad thing but paired with that pouffy sleeve I feel like I'm in a bad 80s flashback. No, just no!

Another huge no-no, from an altogether different era is Leighton Meester's little home on the prarie-esque Burberry. The pattern looks like it belongs on Laura Ingalls while the high neck and puffy sleeves reminds me of Big Love. Leighton's fashion sense is questionable at best but I like that she takes fashion risks, even when they don't pay off.

Then there is Michelle William's daisy print Valentino. This belongs on her daughter, not on a grown woman, no matter the event. I couldn't imagine wearing this out of the house unless I was going to a 70s costume party. It's a good thing she proved that she knows how to dress at the Critic's Choice Awards.

...And in worst pregnancy fashion-sense ever, the winner: Natalie Portman! Holy crap Batman, this is atrocious. Show off that bump already, please! I could deal with this dress if the rose were not there, it looks like something that belongs on the broadway stage.

I think, overall, the stars were pretty well dressed this year and most of the people in nice dresses also had nice makeup and vice versa. If you favorite star wasn't represented or you agree/disagree with any of my choices, do let me know, as always!

Full Disclosure: This post was written in April 2011 as a reference to myself and my readers.

Golden Globe Fashion: The Good

Woohoo, the day we've all been waiting for! Golden Globe fashion, read all about it! Today's fashions are brought to you by the letter G. G is for good!

Angelina Jolie- Wow, what a goddess in green. I've never seen her look quite so beautiful, truly stunning in this Atelier Versace dress. I hope she keeps up with the colorful frocks!

Also in a stunning green gown, Catherine Zeta Jones in Monique Lhullier. Wow. This is a showstopper for sure. I love the texture and the intricate folds.

Speaking of showstopping, did you see Claire Danes? Her bright pink Calvin Klein dress was divine. The pleating at the neckline and the high waist look beautiful on her figure.

Divine figures (can you see what I'm doing here?) bring to mind Eva Longoria's amazing black Zac Posen gown. Her figure is to die for to begin with but this just makes her look like a supermodel, tall, thin, curves in all the right places. They say the best revenge is looking hot! I'd have to agree.

No supermodel's resume would be complete without a nude pictorial or two, Glee's Dianna Agron takes it a step in the less-controversial direction with a nude gown on the red carpet (didn't know how I was going to rectify that did ya?). This number was out of this world gorgeous and the jewels definitely set off her perfect face.

When I think of perfect faces I think of the way Megan Fox's used to look. Oops, there's the snarky I knew I couldn't promise to keep at bay today. Megan's Armani Prive dress was divine, the color, the detailing, the slit. I think it would look better on a fuller figure, even her face looks too thin now, it's a shame.

Megan could look to Mila Kunis for a little inspiration, figure wise. Mila's Vera Wang gown accentuated her slim arms and curvy hips. It's all in the details and the pleats and draping on this dress bring it to the next level.

Details conjure up images of sparkles for me and Olivia Wilde's Marchesa gown is the queen of all sparklers. I'd be terrified of leaving a trail of rhinestones or snagging the dress on the furniture. While I would have loved to see this with a different hairstyle, I do love the way it looks like a starry night sky.

What do you think of this years Golden Globe fashions? Are you as impressed as I am?

Full Disclosure: This post was written in April 2011 and posted as reference for myself and my readers.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Golden Globes Hair: The Bad

Now, the flipside of hairstyles at the 2011 Golden Globes, the bad. Again, I'll do my best to give you coverage without the snarkiness. Take advantage, I may not be so generous tomorrow.

First up, Julianne Hough. What a beautiful girl! While there's nothing inherently wrong with her updo (it actually looks amazing from the back) I was hoping for some visual interest in the front. From this angle it's matronly, not a good look on someone younger than me. Some baby braids or texture would have pulled it in the other direction? Agree?

Again, there's nothing jumping out at me about Kyra Sedgwick's hairstyle. It's not bad but to me it's just not special enough. Perhaps it would look better all up to show off those gorgeous earrings or ditch the earrings altogether and wear the hair down. Either way would work for me, this just doesn't.

Then there's Nicole Kidman who, fitting with the trend of the day, doesn't look bad, I just don't think she looks good. I've heard rants all over the blogosphere from commenters that her hair was greasy but I don't find that to be the case. It might not be squeaky clean but it's not disgusting either. I love the color and I'm so glad she's going back to her red roots.

I understand the complexity of retro 'dos but I feel like they have to be flawless to work and both Sofia Vergara's and Milla Jovovich's styles are too relaxed. I'd like to see Sofia with a little more shine and controlled curl and Milla with a whole head of rolled under barrel curls, I think the flipped out look was an accident but it ruined the whole look for me.

No bad hair list would be complete without Helena Bonham Carter. It's hard not to be snarky when it comes to her but I'll try. It makes it slightly less horrible because I'm sure it's what she was going for. She does kooky like nobody's business. If she'd gone for an all up or all down look it would have been nearly acceptable. I do love her veil though, it adds a fun element to her bird's nest.

Full Disclosure: This post was written in April 2011 in the interest of reference for myself and my readers.

Golden Globes Hair: The Good

There's no beauty looks without the hair! While most of us can't afford the dresses we can recreate the best of the hairstyles in our regular lives. With an influx of loose and relaxed hairstyles even the most casual chicas can rock any of these looks.

While I'm pretty regularly seen in a messy bun or loose curls I'm always on the lookout for hair inspiration and Anne Hathaway definitely is it. I'm not sure when I'm going to get around to it but I've had a box of highlights from Christmas that I'm dying to use to spice up my hair. I want to add some caramel highlights and then straighten my hair with lots of volume like Anne. I'm so jealous. Now I know it's likely she's got some help from extensions but with my thick hair maybe I can recreate the look at home. Overall, I think her whole look was flawless!

Got a formal occasion coming up? A wedding, prom or even just a sexy Valentine's day date? Consider rocking January Jones retro 'do. This style looks amazing on her and lends a simple elegance to her otherwise racy look.
Jennifer Lopez also went retro with a half pinned back style. While I didn't like her makeup I think that her hair was amazing. Again her highlights make me want to do my own, although I have a feeling that will be a spring project for me.

Another retro look I adored was Dianna Agron's blonde waves pinned back on one side. It's pretty and completely complimented her dress and makeup. Dianna is such a gorgeous girl and although I haven't see her in Glee, I can't wait to see her in new projects.

Another Glee Girl, Jenna Ushkowitz, rocked a wavy look on the red carpet. I love her lush shiny locks and this style in particular is very flattering with her features. This is how red carpet hair should look.

I'm not sure how everyone else feels but I love Jennifer Love Hewitt and her hair is extremely JLH to me, a high bun. If my face was as flawless as that I'd wear my hair like that on a daily basis. I like the apparent simplicity of it even though I'm sure it took hours to create.

Julia Style's faux (I think!) bob is adorable. I love the waves, the baby blonde hightlights, the tuck behind one ear (I'm seeing a pattern here)! So gorg!

Lea Michelle looks the best she's ever looked. I really like the way her hair offsets her features. Side swept seems to be the look of the night. I like the undone quality of the whole look. It's polished but not stiff, the best look when it comes to updos.

How could I almost forget Sandra Bullock? While I have a feeling they're clip in I dig the bangs on her. It's not my favorite look of hers but it's definitely cute for a nice change. I think it looks good with the stick straight hair and she really changed it up, something Sandy rarely does. Freakin' Fantastic if you ask me!
As always, I'd love your opinions!

Full Disclosure: This post was written in April 2011 as a reference for myself and my readers.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globes Beauty: The Bad

Now, the snarky part, the bad. We're all guilty of falling into the snarky trap whether with our friends or aimed at celebrities. Here at Drug of Choice I really want to be straightforward without the harshness (at least today, I can't be so sure I'll be as virtuous in the future)!

Again, Tilda Swinton failed to impress. I can't get over how green her eyes are, I just want to see what they'd look like made up. I might see a trace of pink blush on her cheek but I'd like a little more. Hopefully one day I will.

If today's post was about accessories or hairstyles Scarlett Johanson might have made my good list, as far as makeup goes, not so much. I think a good helping of mascara on those top lashes would have gone a long way into improving this look. I like the colors but perhaps not together.

I'm in love with Jayma Mays strawberry blonde locks, love them, covet them even! I love the orangy tones on her hair but honestly, I could do without them on her lips. I think only a select few women could get away with wearing such a bright color on the lips just like very few women would look good with her haircolor.

Speaking of coveting, I must have Jane Krakowski's earrings, now! They're gorgeous. While I liked her silvery eyes I didn't like the frosty silver lips. Again, it's one of those terribly hard colors to pull off but it's especially hard for someone with thin lips. I would love to see Jane in a sheer peach gloss. I think that would have worked perfectly to pull this whole look together.

Seems like Christina knows what she likes and never fails to remind us, red lips, retro black liquid liner, I know. It's a pretty look but I really want to see something different out of her. I'd love a colorful eye and a pink glossed lip or a dramatic colored liner with a nude lip. Just change it up for us Xtina.

What about you? Do agree with my assessment? Think I'm delusional? Let me know.

Full Disclosure: These were written in April 2011 for reference for myself and my readers.