Friday, August 5, 2011

Face-Off Friday: Vanessa Hudgens

It seems like everywhere I turn this summer I'm seeing celebs with cropped hair, both guys and girls. While Jake Gyllenhaal may look great with a super short 'do, I can't say I'm getting on board with certain ladies jumping on the trend. I'm just going to come out and say it, Vanessa Hudgens new super-short haircut ages her about 20 years and is not a flattering look. There's no debate here, no back and forth, this is one cut I can't get on board with.

Normally, Ms. Hudgens looks adorable with her long black hair, she's one of the few stars out there who I don't see going blonde anytime soon, great inspiration for those of us who were born with dark hair with no aspirations of being blonde. Me? Well if I weren't so lazy I'd at least like to experiment with going there, we'll see if that time ever comes. I'm sure you're wondering, Vanessa's hair is for a role and is meant to look like the character cut her own hair but I'm wishing she went the wig route instead.

Check out Vanessa with her normal boho waves above, and again with her super short cropped hair. You be the judge. The first thing Mr. DOC (that would be Matt) said was "Oh no, she used to be pretty, not hot, but pretty." My thoughts exactly.

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  1. She's cute with short hair :) appears more mature and I love her butterfly tattoo!