Monday, August 15, 2011

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Today's the last official day of Mascara Mondays. Next week I'll update with an overview of all the posted formulas and grade them based on performance. I'll also give you a list of my personal needs from a lash enhancer.

This week we're talking about Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara. Not that it's of any importance but I love the name and the metallic purple tube, so cute and easy to find in your makeup bag. In general I really like Rimmel's mascaras, they are really cheap but they work well.

I have had absolutely no problems with flaking or smearing with this one, I love that! I'm a chronic eye rubber and with lesser formulas I end up with mascara ALL over my face. Trust me, it's not a good look. I'm pretty sure top models couldn't even pull it off. Rimmel Sexy Curves might actually stay on too well. As usual I never wash my face at night, I just use a makeup remover wipe (series to come soon) and therefore I had issues getting it off my lashes. In the interest of journalistic integrity I'm going to try makeup remover on it right now. Be right back! Haha, can you tell I'm prepared to write this? Yep, just I suspected this mascara is super easy to remove with eye makeup remover, even my cheapie ol' Maybelline.

Although this mascara is intended to curl the lashes I didn't find too much curl, in fact I thought my lashes looked straighter than normal. I hardly ever use my lash curler but the formula definitely holds a curl better than other brands. My lashes were dark and wet, rich and shiny and they stayed that way all day. They were dramatically lengthened and slightly volumized (7/10 I'd say). I love that my lashes don't feel heavy, sticky or dried out, three of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to mascara.

As with other drugstore brands I did see tiny clumps on the tips of my lashes. These aren't from your lashes clumping together thankfully, just tiny bunches of mascara that goop up. They're tiny, it doesn't ruin the results and running a lash comb through lashes would rid you of any evidence. The rubber bristle brush also makes it easy to comb out any mistakes provided you don't add more mascara between rounds. This formula also takes a minute to dry so you have be careful with those blinks or you run the risk of getting black speckles on your upper and lower eyelids. That's what keeps the look shiny throughout the day, it's a trade-off I'm willing to deal with. I can see myself using this mascara often. Overall this is a good mascara but probably not one I would purchase again just because I like to experiment and what better way to do it with under $5 tubes of mascara.

Check back next week for an overview of all my favorite mascaras and a quick wrap up to the series. I'll let you know which mascaras are worth their money and which ones you should skip!

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