Thursday, August 4, 2011

Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Palette

By now you all know how much I adore Urban Decay. They are most definitely my current favorite makeup brand, plain and simple, I adore them! If I had the money I would own every single thing that came down their production line but I definitely could not afford it all.

The 15th Anniversary Palette makes my heart break just a little bit because I don't live close enough to check it out in person. I love UD palettes but I'm not digging the way this one looks. They usually have superior artistry and this one just looks plain and rather uninviting. As a whole I'm not a big fan of palettes outside of UD because I like to tote my makeup with me and palettes take up too much space. I never use lip or cheek products that come in a palette but that's another story altogether. Sure, the outside is gorgeous and you know I love purple but the little squares of color inside really aren't my thing. Then again, it's not the way it looks but the way it performs (that's what she said anyway)!

As usual Urban Decay impresses me with their shades, they definitely have the shade range thing on lock, much better than MAC in my honest opinion. Here's what's included in the 15th Anniversary Palette.

Midnight Rodeo~Metallic Brown with Glitter
Tainted~Light Purple Shimmer
Deeper~Medium Brown Shimmer
Midnight 15~Light Taupe with Shimmer
Junkshow~Bright Fuchsia
M.I.A.~Shimmery Dark Brown
Vanilla~(exactly as it sounds)
Omen~Dark Blue Purple Metallic
Ace~Gunmetal Shimmer
Flow~Light Peach Shimmer
Evidence~Dark Metallic Blue
Blackout~Dark Black
Half Truth~Shimmery Dark Blue Purple
Deep End~Teal Shimmer (my fave)
Chase~Metallic Bronze

At $55 I'm a little iffy on spending the money but there are a lot of shades I would wear. I'm certainly a fan of Deep End, Omen and Chase but I can honestly not see a use for Blackout or Junkshow.

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