Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Less Is More

You're going out for the night. So you put on tons of makeup, dress up in an outfit you don't normally wear, do your hair in a way that breaks the mold you fall into during the week, wear some extravagant accessories and go out with the intent to own the night. But who are you doing all this for? Is it for your own satisfaction, or to get the attention of men on the prowl? Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. All this 'peacocking' will get mens attention but not necessarily in the way you want.

As usual, men are equally as confusing as they are confused so let me try to give you a hand here. What do men like more, women who dress provocatively or classy girls that leave something to be seen? To sum it up quickly, yes, men like women who dress provocatively, but, those are the girls they want to take home for the night, the girls with class are the ones they want to take home for life. So it's really up to you, what are you looking for?

Here we have Rihanna all dressed up and ready for a night out, and although very pretty, it's not what guys are typically looking for. We'll start with her hair. When guys see this, they're automatically thinking she's trying too hard to impress someone and it's a waste of time. Her hair would be gorgeous without those two curls at the top. Spending so much time on one single part of your appearance just isn't necessary.

Her makeup looks too overdone. The bright lips and eyeshadow make her stand out but like we've discussed before, guys don't particularly like red lips. Now I'm no expert with makeup but from a dude's perspective she also appears to be wearing a lot of foundation and concealer which gives her a dollish type look, like she belongs in a plastic box. Guys hate that, it looks caked on, like you're trying to cover something.

The outfit is a bit strange. The long sleeves are kinda weird considering how much leg she's showing and the fact that it's a belly shirt. The gold chain will get mens attention but odds are it won't be in a good way. The bottoms look too tight and fail at being sexy and the fishnets just look out of place. Nothing about this outfit seems to coordinate even though I'm sure quite a bit of time was spent on it.

What the average guy is going to get out of this attire is that she's desperate for attention yet shy and although she may act like she's going to give you the night of your life, she's more likely to cry and want to be held because no one understands her. This next picture says something very similar but is so much more appealing that there is no competition. If she wants attention, we'll do whatever she asks of us, if she's shy it's okay because she can let her guard down and we'll comfort her, and although she may not look like she'll give us the night of our lives, we know there is sensuality inside just dying to come out and if she cries, we'll hold her and spend the rest of our lives trying to understand why.

How can a simple look say all that? Here we go.

Her hair looks simple yet intricate, touchable, real, as opposed to the other picture that makes her look more like a Barbie doll. Her makeup, although there, looks more natural. Her lips look like something you could watch for hours while listening to her speak before kissing. Without so much makeup in general, it seems like we're really seeing her. The shirt is accidentally sexy because it looks comfortable and classy yet manages to show a little bit of her chest, just enough to leave us wanting more but not so much that we won't be able to focus on anything other than her boobs. The jean shorts are extremely short but when paired with the shirt, don't look slutty at all. It's things like this that tell a guy she's not a prude or anything but you probably won't be getting in those jeans the first night. But it doesn't matter, because the picture of this girl doesn't make us envision a one night stand. This is the girl we'll chase after forever because we want what is underneath.

If you dress sexy, men are going to think sex. Sex is great for the moment, but next week he'll move on to a different moment. Simple, classy, a little bit of sex appeal and some mystery will always keep him coming back for more.

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