Friday, August 26, 2011

Dudesday Friday: The Anniversary Edition

Five years ago today I became the luckiest man in the world. I married my best friend, the girl I'd do anything for, the one that to this day makes my heart jump every time she smiles. How many guys can say that they actually love spending time with their wives? I'd do everything with her if I could. After all these years, we can still spend a six hour car ride doing nothing but talking and not realize we didn't have any music playing. It amazes me that we can be doing something exciting or absolutely nothing at all and I enjoy her company equally. How is that she's always the one to say the funniest, sweetest and cutest things I've heard all day? It never fails, even on those nights she falls asleep early and didn't say the funniest, sweetest or cutest thing, she'll roll over, wake up for a minute and say it while half asleep. I don't even think she means to. I try to make her half as happy as she makes me but it's a difficult task, perhaps impossible. How many guys can say their wives let them hang action figures up in the bathroom when the walls in his man-room are covered? And then offer the hallway when the bathroom wall got filled? I wouldn't let my collections come as far as the living room but if I asked nicely, I'm sure she'd let me. And even when I've run out of room, she'll still talk me into buying more just because it makes me happy. She never makes me feel bad for being 27 years old and still getting excited about a new toy. But it's more complicated than that because if I were a geek it would be one thing but that's only one side of me. She fuels both the nerdy side and the cool side and never favors one over the other. When I wanted to put down my microphone and stop rapping, she wouldn't let me. It wasn't because she had some dream of being married to a rapper that might blow up one day, she just knows it's a huge part of who I am and didn't want to see me lose touch with myself. And even when she wouldn't let me quit, she supported me when I decided I wanted to become a writer. She does more than support me, she's my biggest fan, always inspiring me to do more and be greater. She's never tried to change me, only keep me the same. I'm so grateful to have found a girl that actually wanted me for me and not what she could turn me into. I have the best wife ever.

So why am I writing this on here? Because I believe that most women could learn a thing or two about how to treat their man. I know a lot of men suck and don't bother trying not to, but if you are lucky enough to have one that doesn't suck, hold on to him. Thank him sincerely when he does something for you, it'll make him want to do it again. Support him, not because it's your duty but because you honestly believe in him. Little things, like buying him something he likes at the grocery store, those are the things that let him know you really care. Tease him because it will make him laugh, but always let him know you love him for who he is. Spending time with him doesn't mean you have to be doing something special, if he loves you, your company is enough. Stand up for him when he's down, comfort him when he needs it, love him for who he is, care for him like no one ever has, support him when he doesn't have a friend in the world, accompany him when he's alone, and if it comes to it, walk through the depths of hell just to let him know that you'll always be by his side.

And he'll do the same.

Or maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic and the one guy in the world who's like that found the one girl in the world who's like that and married her five years ago today. Here's to a lifetime more of todays. I love you Jaime.


  1. This is so sweet! Jaime is very lucky :) Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!

  2. Isn't he sweet? And to think he wasn't going to tell me it was there until I came across it but I begged until he told me what he did.