Monday, August 29, 2011

VMAs 2011: The Good

As many of you may know the MTV VMAs were last night, for those not in the know I have a feeling you didn't miss much. Fashion-wise I was very uninspired and since I'm not really feelin' any of the musicians nominated it was definitely a ceremony I didn't mind missing. The only thing the show had going for it was Beyonce's pregnancy confirmation, one I don't think any of the tabloids had picked up on just yet (although the In Touch I picked up today did have a brief mention of it, obviously printed before her announcement). Yay for B being able to tell the world herself.

There really isn't much to say about the outfits. There are very few red carpet pictures but I wanted to share some of the best with you. I do think that Beyonce rocked that orange-red Lanvin gown. I adore when stars wear something to subtly show off the bump, not hiding it but not flaunting it either. It's just classy. Agreed?

Another lady who rocked the red carpet was Victoria Justice. Victoria is a cutie and I particularly love her in this silver gown. It's age appropriate for the teen, not showing off too much or looking too teenybopper. WTG Victoria!

Also in silver, and my third and final pick of the night, is Demi Lovato. I'm not digging the cocky "I need an attitude adjustment" look on her face but oh well. Her look is strikingly similar to Victoria's but they both look great. I love the subtle pattern done in tone on tone. I don't know what it is about metallic dresses but they are the epitome of cool for me.

What do you think? Did you have a favorite at the 2011 VMAs?

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