Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Makeup For Men?

I've seen a few questionable products for men lately, generally makeup and beauty products. This is the age of the metrosexual, and I'm all for that, but how far is too far? Should men rock makeup?

First I need to say that this applies to regular men. Models, actors, musicians or anyone being photographed, makeup is not only acceptable but pretty much essential. Now let's break it down and cover the essential makeup areas. A little concealer is perfect for covering up any imperfections, especially for the camera, but is it okay for the average guy to use? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say yes. Here's my reasoning, when I was young, I had pimples and absolutely hated it. One time my sister got a sample packet of concealer in a magazine and for that day, I wasn't a pimple faced nerd. If I could have had that everyday, I would have. No one knew I was wearing makeup, they just assumed my pimples weren't as red that day and I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of that. So in my eyes at least, concealer is fine, as long as it looks natural.

Now onto the lips, chapstick is fine, although most guys would still rather use nothing or dab a little vaseline onto their chapped lips. Me on the other hand, I have my chapstick on me at all times, even though I don't use it very often. In fact one of my life goals is to actually finish a stick. Anything more than that is unacceptable. No lipglosses, lipsticks or anything to make them shimmer, sparkle or do anything that only girl's lips should do. If a chick wanted to kiss a chick's lips, she'd be on Girls Gone Wild. Give her a little masculinity there.

Any eye makeup is also unacceptable. No mascara, no eye shadow, eye liner (sorry all you emo rock guys) and certainly no sparkles. Now I can understand the emo culture wearing makeup, sort of, I don't get it but I know they're trying to look different. But wearing makeup to look pretty is something entirely different. Maybe in the future it will be normal but right now it'll just get you laughed at by both sexes. That's just how it is, so work with it. Men hate when a girl takes off her makeup and looks like a completely different person, but they have boobs and butts to make up for it, men, not so much. Don't false advertise because guys don't really have anything that can make up for it.

Onto the fingernails. As a rule, just say no. Yes men need to keep their nails a reasonable length, clean, presentable, but not painted. That goes for clear finish as well. To be honest, most men don't care when a girl paints her nails, and they usually look better their natural color anyway. However, I don't see anything wrong with men making their cuticles look good, which is a task in itself. I highly doubt most people will notice but if it's for your own pleasure, go for it.

Sadly, the way our society is, we can't comfortably be ourselves. There's also someone around every corner looking to bring us down for whatever reason they can. And no, it shouldn't be that way, but since it is, don't give people ammunition unless you're ready to come under fire. Society's standards tell us men can't wear makeup, with time I'm sure that will change. But not today, so my advice is to work with what you have. Do what looks natural, if it doesn't, be prepared to stick out like a sore thumb and learn to deal with it. In my opinion, men usually look better when they're a little rugged, not all dolled up and fancy. If something doesn't feel right, it's a good sign we shouldn't be doing it. So wear what feels right for you, but never ever ever look prettier than your woman.

How do you feel about men wearing makeup?

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