Friday, August 19, 2011

Essie Aruba Blue with Swatches

In lieu of Face-off Friday this week I thought I'd post about my absolute favorite nail polish. Enjoy!

Do you know that cool feeling you get, "oh yeah, I'm awesome" when you see a product you have in a magazine? Well, I've had that my entire life as my maiden name is Fox, making me Jaime Fox. It got pretty sickening when people thought I was making it up, even though I had the name before THE Jamie Foxx had his. He was born Eric Bishop you know. I digress. I feel significantly cooler in the scheme of things when someone else loves a product I do, even when my favorite blogs post about my top products, I get a giddy feeling in the pit of my stomach so imagine my surprise when, reading Life & Style magazine a while back I come across my absolute favorite blue nail polish, Essie's Aruba Blue.

I first fell in love with navy blue polish in beauty school (a short lived dream back in 2007). All the magazines were talking about this polish by OPI, you may have heard of it, Russian Navy. I fell head over heels. When our student salon got it, I had to buy it. I ran home and painted both my nails and tonenails with the shade and couldn't stop staring at it. This was before the whole dark nail polish trend re-emerged, at least in the always uber-trendy sticks of Maine *sarcasm*.

Fast forward four years and I'm jonesing for a fix. I need it, I want it, I can't live without it. I caved and picked up Essie Aruba Blue, completely expecting it to be a dead ringer for Russian Navy. Not even close. These two are cousins, not twins, not even sisters. Aruba Blue is Russian Navy's sluttier, wild child, younger cousin, the one who has boys hanging all over her as well as men twice her age that are entranced by her. She's that hot.

Aruba blue has a metallic finish (ironic considering my shuffling MP3 player just landed on Metallica's I Disappear from the Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack and I always type Metallica when I mean metallic)! The color is quite a bit lighter than Russian Navy and the two would never be confused for one another. I'd get high off the fumes daily if it meant I never had to live without this color in my life, if I weren't already married I'd marry it. Perhaps I've had too much coffee, or perhaps it is that good. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. Awesome shoes!! :) and lovely colour! Thanks for sharing! Gonna check out your fashion blog right away ;D


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