Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teen Choice Awards: The Good DOC with Dudesday Tuesday's Matthew

I love covering all the award shows. Some slip through my fingers and since I don't watch TV I occasionally miss them until I see coverage online. Take the Teen Choice Awards, I had no idea they were even on until I saw that many of my beloved CW shows won some awards. Here are a man and a woman's opinion on the good outfits of the night. It just goes to show how different the sexes really are.

First of all let's start with the only one we agreed on. I'm loving Avril Lavigne's simple black dress, the sheer black top makes it a little less scandalous and also more comfy to wear. I like the absence of accessories, for once. The shoes are adorable and add a little playfulness to it. I loved Avril's pink hair streaks but I am glad she went without them to a semi-formal event.

So I've never been a fan of Avril Lavigne but I have to say she was the best dressed of the night, at least of the ones I saw. She has a great body so why not show it off a little? But she looks extremely classy as well as sexy which is a very hard look to pull off but she's perfected it here. I love the sheer fabric at the top and am even feeling her shoes and jewelry. Easily my number one pick.

My second pick is Kendall Jenner. Of course, purple is my favorite color and I like the fun details on this one. I love that it appears that her shoes are dark green instead of black but that could just be a trick of the lighting. It amazes me how much Kendall looks like her mother in this shot! Of course the signature smoky eye doesn't hurt and Kendall was smart to wear her hair up to show off the cool shoulder details on her dress.

I loved Kendall's dress as well but also thought Selena Gomez's was worth mentioning. Again, not a fan but I know when to give a girl her props. The light color and material itself give the look a summery feel, something a few of the other attendees seemed to forget. It feels like she ditched her cute look for something a little more grownup and it certainly paid off. But what is up with that scarf thingy dangling at her side?

Thirdly, I'm loving Nina Dobrev's pretty summer dress. It seems a lot of stars dress for the season we're going into so that their look is cutting edge but Nina is working this pretty sundress. I love the simple makeup and the half-up 'do. I probably would have added something a little more fun for the shoe instead of a basic black pump, I think yellow would be pretty and unexpected.

I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me. This shouldn't be pretty but for some reason I love it. Maybe it's because it's shiny, I am a guy after all. It looks almost space age but in a good way and the muted yet shiny colors go perfect with her skin tone. I like the belt on the dress and the way it matches her bracelets which match her shoes, although I am not a fan of the shoes. If they were open toed I would love the entire outfit but still can't quite figure out why.

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