Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Payless Shoes Unforgettable Moments Cosmetics & Fragrances

The times, they are a changin'. I guess they have been but I'm stuck in my little bubble named the state of Maine. I'm sure you're sick of me whining about how long it takes to get products up here, I realize we're the edge of the USA but not the end of the world. Thanks!

A while back (um, winter, again!) I found out that Payless, the giant shoe store in every mall in the country, now does fragrance and cosmetics and shocker! they're great! I couldn't help but sample some of the goodies and I actually bought a lip balm and a lipgloss, two things I definitely didn't need any more of. They are so surprisingly amazing that I should have told you about them sooner. Fear not, they're still available. Before we get into that I wanted to share the other goodies with you.

While there are also a naturals line, Zac and Zoe, I really want to talk about the product line I've tried Unforgettable Moments. I have a huge affliction with cheap scents like those from Avon and Victoria's Secret, the perfume grade scents that is. I can't tolerate them, they give me migraines. I hate it because many of the scents are amazing! I do love Avon and Victoria's Secret body sprays and those seem to be fine for me. Don't want to confuse you! Anyway... the fragrances from the Unforgettable Moments line aren't like that at all. No headaches in sight. I tried Charmed and Promise and both are light but noticeable. They are clean and fresh without overpowering you. I couldn't get over how great they smelled, truly! You should check these out, they're so cheap that you can't afford not to at least look into them next time you're in Payless.

Now, onto the beauty! While I'm always a gloss lover, some of the cheaper ones are, let's face it, crappy! Sometimes the flavor is non-existance and therefore it tastes like dirt or they are too sticky or too thick. Not this one. It's thinner in consistency and non-sticky. They have a slight shimmer and a plastic slant tip applicator (great if you want to sanitize and swap/share). They feel silky on the lips and the sheer color is totally wearable in any situation. Best of all they're $2.99, I can't think of another brand besides ELF that is so affordable. Beautiful!

The other purchase I made was the potted lip balm. I used to be very adverse to these, I was always worried I'd end up with product under my nails but that doesn't seem to be the case, at least not when you're still dealing with a full pot. I like mine to have a little bit of color or shimmer (this has both) as well as be soothing to my lips, no stinging or irritation. This one comes in a really awesome tin pot and I've had no problems with it opening up in my makeup bag, however I did have a super hard time getting it open in the first place, that was quite the trip but not a problem once it was initially opened. It's hydrating and makes my lips feel great and looks good on, not invisible. I should also mention that it does melt a little in the summer but it doesn't effect the product at all and I haven't had any leakage, just awesomeness! This one's $3.99!

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