Friday, July 22, 2011

L'Oreal Colour Riche le Gloss

Yesterday I shared with you one of my all time favorite cheap lippies, CoverGirl Wet Slicks Fruit Spritzers, but today I'm dying to talk about a new contender, L'Oreal Colour Riche leGloss.

This one is around the same price point as my favorite from CoverGirl, yet as you can see in the promotional pictures, it appears to be more pigmented than others on the market. I'm sure you know how frustrating it is when you get a pretty baby pink or light peach gloss and get it home and it's essentially clear on your lips. Well, the swatches around the blogosphere prove this is not the case with this one. It comes in 16 shades and they smell like caramel. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I don't really screw around with glosses that have "no" flavor, most of the time they just taste like icky chemicals that I'd rather not have near my mouth.

I've been a fan of L'Oreal Colour Juice glosses for a while, they were close to the first of their kind released in drugstores that were touted as much for their shine and color as their scent and flavor. I think I had pretty much every one. This time they come in a more sophisticated package for all those big girls out there that still want to rock a fruity lip. Mind you Colour Juices came out back in the early 2000s when lipgloss wasn't nearly as mainstream with the older populations, now everyone and their mother (literally!) rocks the gloss.

What really gets me with this one is the beautiful ads. I'm not usually a sucker for advertisements but how could I not be with this one? Beautiful ladies, Jennifer Lopez (how sad about her divorce, huh?) and Laetitia Casta totally rock le Gloss.

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