Friday, July 15, 2011

Face-Off Friday: Bristol Palin

Today's FOF is a little bit different. You see, I normally make you look at two photos of the same celeb and judge them on their outfit, hair and makeup but today we're going deeper. We're going into plastic surgery land *dun dun dun* I'm not one to sit around and criticize celebrities for going under the knife, getting injections or in any way altering their appearance, that's up to them. However, I do think that as a society where everyone is judged based on their appearance all is fair game when it comes to discussion. Here we go....

Bristol Palin, come on down! You're the next contestant on Face-Off Friday! Whether you loved her on Dancing with the Stars or hated her, whether you agree with her mother's politics or think she's a raging lunatic, you have to agree that Bristol is a pretty, if ordinary looking, girl. That's what makes her special. With a sea of blonde, fake-breasted, overly tan and thin starlets out there it's nice to see someone in the public eye who doesn't look so cookie cutter. Until now....

Here's a picture of Sarah Palin's eldest daughter from a few years back. She's got the cute little baby face, an adorable dimple in her chin and just looks wholesome and.... REAL.

There's nothing wrong with that. Here's Bristol after her "medically neccessary, corrective" surgery.

While she doesn't look too awfully different I do think that the chin implant is a look that only Hollywood could love. Who in their right mind actually wants a prominent chin like that? Sure it could settle after her surgery but that remains to be seen. Honestly I'm loving the darker and fuller hair but I'm not sure about the rest of the look. She complains about her "baby fat" face but honestly I don't think this really helps matters all that much.

So what do you think? Normal teenage Bristol or Hollywood Diva Bristol? She's beautiful either way but is there too much of an emphasis on perfection in Hollywood? Let me know in the comments.

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