Monday, July 11, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick Lust & Gift with Purchase

The fastest way to up my game beauty-wise is to add a bright punch of lipcolor, the thing is I'm usually too chicken. While shopping around Ulta I came across Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipsticks and they were so gorgeous I just had to play around with them. While there were many subtle shades to choose from my eyes were drawn to Pink Vibrations and Neoclassical Coral. Wow, talk about fierce! I don't think I could NOT wear these two!

Pink Vibrations is a BRIGHT pink, although in the promotional picture it looks completely tame, I assure you it's not! One coat of this gorgeous shade leaves your lips perfectly tinted, a big problem for me because I like to apply lipstick until I can feel it on my lips. Is that weird? Same goes for lip balm, a tiny dose of hydration doesn't work for me, I want my lips to feel immediately quenched!

If pink's not your thing I highly recommend Neoclassical Coral, a beyond words gorgeous coral shade. This one is equally bright and in one coat you're sporting a slightly orange coral that just begs for a peach cheek and mascara-only eye. I would totally rock this when summer starts to turn into fall. Again, the press shot looks absolutely nothing like the actual lipstick. This one looks like a tomato red but I assure you it's a bright, sexy coral in real life.

These lipsticks are $19.50 and if you purchase from you simply must do so by 7/16. For orders over $24.50 you can score this 30 Piece kit that is to die for for only $37 (a $250 value). The keepsake box is so adorable that it's the first thing I'm attracted to in this kit but you can't beat the warm and cool palettes, gorgeous glosses and lipsticks plus various extras.

Gift with purchases, or in this case purchases with purchases, are great ways to try out products you wouldn't always pick up on your own and you're sure to find more things you can't live without.

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