Monday, July 11, 2011

Smashbox Lash DNA

As I'm nearing the end of Mascara Monday posts I think I've finally come to realize what I need from my mascara. It can't be too heavy on my lashes, can't clump or smear, needs to be dark black and shiny and the brush has to add to the experience instead of being cumbersome. In my experience with Smashbox Lash DNA, I found the brush to be not only too big but with it's blunt end, actually quite frightening to have so close to my eyes. I can actually see the end of the wire that is holding the bristles in place, not a pretty picture when you're dealing with something as delicate as your eyeball.

Overall the mascara was a good one once you get past the brush. It instantly volumized my lashes and the thick brush kept clumps at bay. I didn't have any issues with smearing, always a good thing in weather like this. As I've said before I just can't seem to keep my hands away from my eyes and very frequently, at the end of the night, I'll have rubbed a ring of black mascara all around my eyes and nose. Whoa is that sexy!

This one's black as they come which is always a plus in my book. My lashes weren't left feeling brittle and dry and removal was fairly routine, no surprises here.

I'm not sure if this one is on it's way out but it doesn't appear to be available on the Sephora website although it is included in the limited edition Give Me Some Lash Set. My hope is that they're keeping the formula and updating the brush. Do you know how hard it is to reach the inner lashes with a blunt end brush?

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