Thursday, July 7, 2011

BeneFit ChaChaTint & Feelin' Cheeky Minis

One of the easiest ways to pep me up is to pop a little blush on my cheeks. I'm pale (and currently tremendously freckled) and without proper cheek color (okay, this is me we're talking about so when I say proper I mean TONS) I can look half dead. During the summer months when makeup seems to melt off the skin like grease on a fire I'm looking for something that will last through hours and hours of hot, sweaty fun in the sun.

Benefit has just released ChaChaTint, an orangey/coral/peach cheekstain that is formulated like their cult, PosieTint. This stuff is pigmented so it will work on the darkest of complexions while still looking fabulous on those of us that are lighter than light. You can easily sheer it out (just like PosieTint) but the color can be worked up to a Jaime-level of bright. For $29 you're probably set on this for life!

The best part? You can use it on lips too! If you like to match your lips and cheeks you can't go wrong with this kit. Pair it with a dash of gold liner and a ton of mascara and you've got a summer look that is sure to knock it out of the park!

If peach isn't your color (and you should try it because I bet you could make it work with this lovely) there's always the Benefit Feelin' Cheeky Mini kit. This $15 kit includes the aforementioned PosieTint, a posie pink cheekstain, as well as original BeneTint, sheer red stain and High Beam, a champagne highlighter that is beloved by many. These adorable minis are a great way to try out these cult classics without shelling out a lot of money. By my count these could last you a lifetime anyway since a little goes a long way.

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