Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Chocolate Soymilk Shampoo

Most guys find a shampoo and stick with it. Not me. It's not because I'm still on the search for a good one, I love most of them actually, the thing is, I don't usually use men's shampoo. My wife has so many I just use those and pick between smelling like food, flowers, fruit or just plain clean. Men pretty much have one scent, cologne, which isn't bad at all, just kind of boring.

One of my favorite shampoos, which I'm currently using, is Sexy Hair's Chocolate Soymilk Shampoo, and it literally smells like chocolate soy milk. At least I'd assume that's what soy milk would smell like but I've never sniffed it. I would say it smells like a chocolate milkshake. Mmm, now I want a chocolate milkshake.

Even though most shampoos smell great, many of them don't keep it up for very long and sometimes the scent doesn't even stay in your hair. This one does, at least for a while. Sometimes, especially when it's still wet, I'll even catch a whiff of it when the wind blows, and my hair is short. When my wife uses it I can still smell it in her curls hours later.

I'm not necessarily condoning that your man start smelling like a chick, some women like the masculine scent of men's products, I've even known girls who use it themselves, but if he's looking for something different, have him give it a try. I have to warn you though, washing my hair does make me want chocolate. I have a sweet tooth anyway but sometimes afterward I just have to have a cookie. Let me know if it works as well on women's hair as it does mine since I don't have very much of it to contend with. Hope you love it just as much as I do.

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