Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Summer Scents

It's very hard to find a perfume that men aren't going to like, unless of course it smells like old lady perfume. I wonder if the younger generations are going to put that old lady scent out of business when they get old or if they'll conform and begin wearing it too once they start receiving the senior specials. The problem with that scent is that it's too strong and it hits you like you just ran into a wall which is always something you want to avoid if you have men's interest at heart. On that same note, if you're trying to ward off men for any reason, that's probably a good place to start.

Since it is summer, you'll probably want something to match the season whereas in winter something flowery that smells like spring is a good choice. Guys tend to like fruity scents, personally they always make me want a glass of Kool Aid, not a bad thing to be associated with. Girls that smell like food are usually intriguing as well but this time of year you should probably stick with lighter scents like cotton candy and marshmallow while avoiding chocolate and anything else on the heavier side. Although it's really hard to go wrong when you smell delectable. Soft flowery fragrances are perfect as well, no matter the season.

One thing you should keep in mind is that it's summer so don't go too heavy on any scent. When you walk by, you want to leave a light trail behind you that will make men turn back and take notice, if they didn't already due to the amount of skin you're showing off. Also, the smell of sunscreen and bug spray can be kind of sexy for some reason. It says that you were just at the beach or at least outdoors which is actually a turn on in itself. Maybe it's because guys would rather be in the air conditioning than shedding layers of clothing so it's different to them, I'm not sure, but something about those summer scents is intriguing so try to not to cover them completely. Just try to stay away from anything too strong.

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