Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Essie Lilacism

Are you a pink or a purple? There are a lot of girls who love, love, love the color pink and I feel like purple gets less love. I'm a purple girl myself and if I were ever to have a daughter she'd wear more purple than pink I'm sure.

Purple is one of those colors that really flatters me, dark, light or anywhere in between but especially shades that are bluer in nature. My new favorite nail polish just might be Essie Lilacism, a perfect light purple shade that I can't get enough of. Here's a pic of my most recent pedi. (I had just added lotion to my feet so they are a little shiny, don't want you to think I have chronic foot sweat or something).

This color really bonded to my toes and without a base coat (I'm just starting to use them) I had no chipping or tip wear. I did find it a little difficult to remove so I ended up slapping a sheer grape shade on top and rocked that for about a week because I didn't have the time to sit there and rub off the Lilacism.

This color is pretty close to the lightest purple shade in the flowers and since they happen to be my favorite, lilacs, I just love the name of this. While I know names mean nothing, I like colors with cute names, sue me! It's so pretty though, I would seriously wear it year round. It was a little light on my toes so it looked best with a dark shoe to really stand out but if you're looking for something subtle to use on those tootsies check this one out.


  1. I LOVE this one!! im not a big purple fan, but I love the blue undertones it has!

  2. Blue undertones are definitely the best part for me. Red/pink undertones in purples don't look as good on me.