Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beauty Funeral: Victoria's Secret Indulgent Bath Bubbles and Stimulating Body Scrub

Year round I'm a bath taker although I admit that in the summer I hit the tub a bit less often. You know what would make me want to soak more often? If they brought back my favorite Victoria's Secret bubble bath! Sure they have the great 3 n 1 Beauty Rush line but it's not the same. I want the body spray scents to soak in, especially since those scents are some of my favorites in the world. These bubble baths were completely full of bubble making goodness, they were by far the best I have ever used and I miss them.

You know what else? While we're at it can we please, please, please, bring back the stimulating body scrubs? These were the only ones that I've used that were thick enough to feel incredible without feeling wimpy and thin. They really were stimulating and they felt like a great back scratch. I loved to use them on my back, of course, or before shaving my legs for an extra close shave. The best part about these was that they not only smelled fabulous but they left a lingering scent on the skin without a greasy residue that you can get with it. Oh, the more I write about these the more I miss them.

Can you recommend another brand that works just as well? Of course I love my Philosophy 3 n 1s but I'm looking for a nice thick body scrub that can make me feel like the pampered princess I should be!

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