Monday, July 25, 2011


How many times can you read about something and how amazing it is without breaking down and buying it? After about the millionth time reading about the Clarisonic I'm still not ready to make the plunge, what about you? I've heard so many great things but I don't have the money to plunk down for something I'm not even sure if I'd use. Know what? I got a cheap knockoff (unopened) at a yard sale a few weeks back and it's not even opened in my bathroom. That's how much I'd use my $200 Clarisonic. Yeah, not a good investment but I'm sure for a lot of you it would be worth the price.

This thing does some pretty amazing things for the skin that's for sure. It helps remove more dirt (always found that funny, who has literal dirt on their faces?), grime and makeup in two minutes than manual scrubbing, six times better to be exact. I know I'm lazy about makeup removal, I use makeup remover wipes if I do anything at all, oops! That's probably why my skin is mediocre at best but hey, there is NO WAY I could have the skin I want, I'm freckled and there's no helping that, not even SPF 100 would make a difference, trust me I've tried.

The Clarisonic is also a great manual exfoliator, it gets rid of the dead skin on the surface so that your products can penetrate the skin better and you get much better results than just slapping it on over all that dead skin. It also is proven to reduce the look of pores (God, I need that) and eradicate blackheads (ditto!).

It's pricey $155 for the Mia, $195 for the classic Clarisonic and $225 for the Plus which comes with body brushes.

I'm partial to the Jaguar Mia linked above but if I were to make the leap and purchase I would wait it out and get a set with skincare included, like the recent Dr. Brandt version. I've tried the cleanser included with the classic model and while I didn't find it to be bad, it wasn't anything special, nothing worth buying again after you've used it up.

What do you think? I have to know. Do you have a Clarisonic? If so what version? Would you buy one? If I had disposable income I would definitely try it out, I'm not afraid to return things!


  1. I use the Olay Pro X with the exfoliating cleanser that came with it and I love it! I use it once a day, in the shower, and my face is soooo much smoother than before!

  2. You convinced me! I have to cave and spend the 30 bucks on the Pro X. I've been curious about it. Thanks Susan!