Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious

You may have noticed that I don't post about all (or many) MAC collections. Call me crazy but I don't fall all over myself to get the latest and "greatest" from the brand. I could live without their shadows, much preferring Urban Decay. It usually gets me a lot of flack but come on, I'll take it. What I do love most about this company is showcased in one collection, Semi Precious. I am in love with their Mineralized Shadows, Cremesheen Glasses, Mineralized Blush and Mineralized Skinfinishes. Let's start with the eyes.
Clarity, Golden Gaze, Faux Gold, Quartz Fusion

Mineral Mode, Jade's Fortune, Unsurpassable, Hint of Sapphire

Rare Find, Blue Sheen, Dark Indulgence, Smoked Ruby

A while back MAC seemed to be lacking in the ability to make mineral shadows but I loved them anyway because layered over UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) I could layer these up to create a really pretty look. Now, I don't need to do that. Lately these have been remarkably pigmented, even better, in my opinion, than their regular line. I love how shimmery these are without being overly glittery. My one major gripe with a lot of Urban Decay shadows is the glitter fallout, you don't get that with the re-done Mineralized Shadows. I'm completely lusting over dark emerald Dark Indulgence and golden green Golden Gaze but any of the lighter shades seem easily wearable. These are $20, a little higher than MAC's normal price but totally worth it.

While there are new lipsticks in the line I've never been too wholly impressed with MACs lipsticks. I find them to be too pigmented and therefore hard to wear (at least for me who likes to wear lots of lippie). I do however have a love affair going on with $18.50 Cremesheen Glasses. These are colors that have an odd combination of light/sheer and opaque. I love it! The colors are very easy to wear and I love that the formula has a milky appearance without leaving a white or frosty cast on the lips. I'm completely lusting over Geo Pink. It should be noted that these have a brush applicator instead of the doe's foot as you can see by the promo picture. I haven't had too much trouble with splayed applicators from MAC but I know it can be an issue with other brands.
Pressed Amber, Warmth of Coral, Feeling Flush

Mineralized Blushes are another favorite of mine, slightly darker and more pigmented than their Mineralized Skinfinish cousins, these are perfect for all skintones. I'm leaning towards slightly purpl-y Feeling Flush just because I don't have anything like it in my collection. I would highly recommend trying any of these out. For just $23 they bring a light to the skin that I'm hard pressed to say you could find elsewhere. They are that awesome!
Semi Precious Rose Quartz, Semi Precious Goldstone

Semi Precious Pearl, Semi Precious Crystal Pink

Now for the stars of the collection, the Mineralized Skinfinishes. God, do I love these. As you know I'm a sparkle/shimmer addict and these never disappoint. All four of these colors are simply a must have for me. I have quite the collection and each color, although similar to others I already have, is complex enough to be needed in my stash. For lighter complexions like mine these make absolutely perfect blushes, seriously! If you have medium to dark skin these are perfect as highlighter according to your undertones, pink for cool, peach for warm. At $28 you may think they're a little steep but trust me the product itself is huge and even with frequent use I haven't even leveled off the dome on top. Truly, whatever you use these for they are a delight!

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