Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Comic Con's Best Dressed Celebs

Jaime here. Let me just say better late than never. First it was Matt's fault for not writing this post last night then it was my fault for not getting around to posting the pictures until this afternoon. Well here it is... Dudesday Tuesday, Matt's opinion straight from the horse's mouth.

I remember a few years ago Comic Con was just a convention for 'nerds' where fans went over the top and dressed up like some of their favorite comic book heroes. Most people didn't even know what the hell a Comic Con was, now it's all over the news, companies actually hold off on major announcements regarding movies, television shows and action figure lines until Comic Con, and celebrities not only attend but they get all glammed up for it as well. So while I would love to tell you all about the new He-Man figures they're coming out with, or the relaunch of Thundercats, or WWE's Legends- oh forget it, let's get into the pretty dresses.

There were quite a few that caught my eye, some in a not so good way, but in the end I had a little trouble narrowing my picks down but here are my top five. I wanted to challenge myself a little so I'm going to attempt to put them in order, even though my wife is going to smack me for my number one pick. (He's right I hate the bimbo)

1 - WWE's Kelly Kelly, the current Diva's Champion, shown here with her title. This dress is the epitome of summer formal. The tight fitting white material looks perfect on her body and I love the simple pattern that makes this one look so elegant. Without the flashy championship belt on her shoulder she looks like she could fit in at any Hollywood awards show.

2 - Nina Dobrev, of Vampire Diaries, looks great in this intriguing black dress that any quintessential vampiress(not that she is one) would love to own. Against her pale skin it looks almost like the black fabric is wrapping her body, leaving parts of her skin exposed which is always sexy, even if it is just an illusion. I'd prefer it without the sleeves and maybe some black heels rather than the red ones but still an amazing look, and my wife will be proud I put Nina at the top of my list.

3 - Even though she didn't wear a dress, I'm giving third place to Kristin Stewart. It probably took a long time to find the perfect jeans and loose white shirt to wear to the event even if it looks like something she threw on minutes before she left, which is part of what I like about it. It's simple outfits like this that men love because she looks gorgeous without trying, and I'm not even a fan of hers, she seems like a sourpuss and definitely needs to smile more. The black bra beneath the white top usually looks kinda slutty but it's somehow almost classy here which is hard to pull off.

4 - Another wrestler, TNA's woman's champion Mickie James, is holding down the number four spot. Being in the physical condition these women have to be in, it's easy for them to look good in tight dresses that might show off too much ribcage of some of the actresses who attend these events. Mickie pulls this off perfectly and I love the design here, the colors in her dress actually match the championship belt slung over her shoulder. And wow, look at her shoes, those are hot. If I had noticed those sooner she probably would have moved up on this list, but I guess it'd seem like the ladies of wrestling were getting preferential treatment in that case anyway. I don't think Mickie could have made this outfit anymore perfect.

5 - And rounding out the top five is another of my wife's favorites, Emma Stone. I love simple black dresses, skintight is even better so this one was practically a given. Aside from her dress, I'm glad she went back to the red hair, if you ask me she should be playing Mary Jane in the upcoming Spiderman movie instead of whatever other character she was given. It's hard to see in some of the photos but to spice up the plain dress, there's a hole in the right shoulder and as I said before, unexpected exposed skin is always good, it adds a whole other dimension to the outfit. Her pale skin contrasts perfectly with the all black outfit, making her red locks stick out even more. She gets an Easy A for this one, hehe, get it? Shut up, I thought it was funny.

I'm sure there were a lot of other gorgeous dresses at the event but these are my favorites so far, and it'd take something really amazing to push one of these out of the top five. A few worth mentioning were Ashley Greene and Kate Beckinsale who would have made it had this been a top ten list. It's great to see the Comic Con gain so much mainstream exposure, I can't wait to see what they wear at next year's. If ever make it there, I'm so going as He-Man, wish me luck gaining a couple hundred pounds of muscle. Well I'm off to do some push-ups, thanks for reading.

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