Saturday, July 30, 2011

StriVectin SH Age Protect SPF 30

Surely, you've ignored StriVectin ads in the past, they're pretty nondescript and the packaging is nothing to write home about but the products... well, those are amazing. I recently had the luck to try out a StriVectin product and I loved it so I'm really looking out for you with the company's new release, SH Age Protect SPF 30.

This one is a light formula sunscreen that protects against UVB rays with SPF 30, those are the ones that cause you to burn (just remember B=burn) and UVA rays that cause aging (A=aging) with PA+++. It's oil-free and lightweight so you won't feel it on your skin in a slimy layer come the middle of the day, I HATE that. It's so light in fact that they actually recommend layering it over other skincare products.

While SPF 30 is great I think for my fair skin I'd want to use another product with sunscreen for added protection like foundation (mineral or otherwise) or my regular sunblock spray. I know new regulations mean SPF 30 is the highest that bottles are allowed to say (starting next year), I'm not sure how I feel about that. Personally SPF 30 hasn't been enough for me in the past, I hope the backlash doesn't leave companies using less SPF leaving me a sunburned mess next summer. For those of you with darker skin, and for winter months, this is a great every day product to put on for incidental exposure. I know I'm just as guilty as the next girl of forgetting SPF year round though I am pretty good about using it on cloudy summer days.

StriVectin-SH Age Protect also includes NIA-114 "molecule that was discovered in skin cancer research to help rebuild skin’s natural protective barrier and reverse signs of aging." That sounds like a great added bonus to me.

If you purchase through the StiVectin site you get a bonus pink travel bag and a sample of StriVectin-SD, the product I tried and loved. While the $49 price tag might scare you, these products really deliver great results and looking 10 years younger than your friend is PRICELESS.

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