Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tanda Tanda Zap

I've had pretty good luck with zit zappers like the Zeno in the past so I am really curious how well the Tanda Zap works. Where the mini Zeno that I know and love used only heat to treat pimples, the Tanda Zap uses heat, vibration and blue light, a triple threat to bust those pesky pimples outta there! The main problem with the Zeno is it only treats part of the problem, it only reduces the size of the bump under the surface, it doesn't work on whiteheads and it doesn't reduce redness.

The Tanda Zap is $49, pretty cheap if it's as effective as it says it is. Hell, even just a reduction in redness is worth that to me. I'm an acne sufferer, I usually have a blemish on my face at any given time and have even been known to get them on my neck, chest and back, always an embarrassing fact of life. This one's effective for 1,000 uses, significantly more than other products on the market.

The blue light kills the bacteria that clogs pores, the bacteria that the vibration and heat bring to the surface. I've read that this one doesn't get as hot as the Zeno or ThermaClear so it's great for those of you that couldn't handle the heat on your face, like Matt can't. It was too hot for him and sometimes, on more delicate areas, it was the same for me. This one is proven to lessen the appearance in 24 hours, though I'm hesitant to believe that.

What do you think? The perfect gadget or too good to be true?

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