Monday, July 18, 2011

Too Faced Lashlight Mascara

Oh the things you didn't know you needed until they come into your life. Flavored water, gel manicures, lighted and mirrored mascara. Oh yeah, you heard me. Too Faced Lashlight mascara. Seriously, it's awesome! Of course throwing an LED light and mirror on an awful mascara doesn't mean anything but put it on a great mascara like this and you've got something going on. I love the mirror on the side of the tube, it's perfect for putting your mascara on in the car (as a passenger only, of course) or for reapplication after the beach.

This mascara is awesome! It's glossy black, volumizing and lengthening and never clumps or smears all over my face. The wand is thin fiber and it really leaves your lashes clean and gorgeous and it's easy to get into the inner corners. I love that the applicator really comes out clean so that you have no worries about applying on the go. You really can't overdo it with this mascara. This one doesn't leave your lashes dry and brittle, it leaves them hydrated and conditioned. It's got vitamins to leave your lashes in better condition than when you started.

You know, I didn't even realize there was a light on this product for the longest time. The button on the top of the applicator wand is actually turning on the light. Hey! It doubles as a flashlight if you're caught in the dark, as the name suggests.

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