Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Do Men Like Your Nail Polish?

Women spend tons of time on their nails, both fingers and toes. Whether it be nail polish, manicures, length in general or cuticle care, there's a lot of work involved. Some women do it because it makes them feel good, some do it because it stops them from chewing their nails (fingers probably because most girls probably don't bite their toe nails on a regular basis), some do it for the attention it may get them. Women notice other women's nails, but unfortunately the average guy doesn't notice and honestly doesn't care. Most guys could care less what color your nails are, there a few exceptions though. Here they are.

Black nail polish will get his attention, but not in a good way. Black comes along with certain connotations so unless you're trying to attract a mysterious dude who wears trench coats, writes strange poetry about death that doesn't rhyme and may or not rip the legs off of defenseless insects as a sport, you should probably skip the black nail polish.

Some guys are actually more likely to notice your toe nail polish than your finger nail polish. Why? Because a good portion of the male population have a foot fetish. I don't think I do, but I do find myself being drawn to open toed shoes and that's something I look at when I see a pretty girl. Blame my wife, I never noticed shoes before, now I love a nice pair of heels and the only thing that makes them better are nice toenails. A French pedicure is probably the most popular among the dudes, it looks very sophisticated and classy. So if you're trying to draw men's attention, that's your best bet for the foot department. (Jaime here, I do NOT recommend a french pedicure as a look, if your toenails are long enough to have white tips, they are too long. That is all)

A French manicure crosses over onto your hands too. Again, it's very classy and clean looking. Men don't particularly like chewed down nails because it looks unsophisticated and dirty, even if the girl who's sporting them isn't. It's one of those first impression things. With a French manicure you're bound to impress him no matter what his tastes are. (Jaime again. This is a pretty hit or miss thing for me. I like short French manicures and I think they can look great if the colors are not bright white and light pink but closer to each other on the spectrum).

Men hate red. I know it's hard to believe but whether it be lingerie, lipstick or nail polish, men do not like red. The media may try to convince you otherwise but most guys don't like it for some reason. I'm one of them and I can't even explain it, all I can tell you is to stay away from red. Red dresses are fine though, shoes not so much.

But back to the nails, anything funky isn't a good idea either. By funky we're talking like really long, curled, pierced, anything that stands out. If men find the whole nail thing to be pointless, you don't want to draw their attention to it and even if they do like appreciate your nails, there's certain things that are just weird and undesirable. Curled is always a no no, always.

Which brings me to fake nails. I think you know the answer to this. Most men hate them, or at least they say they do. Between you and me, men can't usually tell. As long as they look natural, your average dude will have no clue if they're real or not. They're like fake boobs, most men won't be able to tell until they touch them or you flat out tell him, just make sure that they're not over the top and he won't know the difference. Just to be clear we're talking about nails now, not boobs, but the same rule applies.

I know I know, why have nails if you can't do anything cool with them? Well, some guys do appreciate what you do with your fingers and toes. I personally love when girls make their nails pretty, and even though like most guys I do like French mani/pedis, I also love some good artwork, no matter how simple or intricate. Pastel colors are probably my favorite, especially in the blue/purple spectrum. Any design work is great too, whether it be camouflage, writing or even a picture, I always make sure to tell a girl when she has something incredible going on with her fingernails. Sparkles are good, matte finish is awesome, I like the metallic ones, holographic ones that appear to be a different color depending on how the light hits them are cool too. For a dude who notices detail, it's hard to go wrong as long as you stay away from the big no no's we've already discussed.

But since you can't please everyone, screw them and please yourself. Wow, that came out dirtier than I intended, but you know what I mean. If you think it's pretty, someone is bound to notice and even compliment you on it. But don't hold your breath waiting for the compliment to come from a guy. So women, make sure you tell one another when you see a girl's nails that are just awesome. I'll continue to do my part but please remember that guys pretty much find it to be a waste of time but for those of us who do appreciate it, it can be very sexy and memorable so keep up all the work, some of us do notice.

PS- I had Mr. Dudesday pick a polish from my stash to feature as his favorite and he couldn't decide between Revlon Not So Blueberry (it's blueberry scented, for realz) and OPI Teal the Cows Come Home. Those are the two pics at the top of the page. Since I have both of these there will be swatches at some point for reference.


  1. I'm definitely going to get Not So Blueberry! I never knew guys didn't like red o.O

  2. Lol guys live in another world! I'd prefer please myself if it's like that. :)

    PS: Thank you so much for adding my blog to your blogroll! and for your comment :)


  3. Susan- Look out for my swatch post with Not So Blueberry soon. I love that it actually smells good although I don't think blueberries really come to mind, just fruity.

    DaphYin- Guys definitely do live in another world so do your nails to please you, I know I do whether Matt likes it or not hehe. And of course I added you to my blogroll. I'm heading over there now to do some reading!