Thursday, August 25, 2011

ThemeSong Thursday: What I'm Listening To: Part II

I know I promised this post three weeks ago better late than never right? I'm working on making this a reoccuring theme on DOC and once it's up and running on DOC music, I'll link you over there on Thursday's to check it out. For now, here's What I'm Listening To Part II. In case you missed it, here's Part I.

This time I'm going in alphabetical order to keep it simple so first up is Adelita's Way- Home School Valedictorian (6/7/11). This CD is seriously the SHIT. I don't normally go around saying things like this (okay, I usually geek out and say it in the privacy of my own house). This might be the bands' second major label release but it's the first I've heard from them and I'm wishing I discovered them sooner. My favorite tracks are actually hard to pick because this one is so great. I love Hurt, a pretty, breakup ballad, it's a REAL song, feelings I'm sure we've all felt before, even if only vicariously. I think Adelita's Way shines on their faster songs, they're fun and catchy without being corny as Matt would say, the kick your ass songs that make you feel empowered and happy like you actually got to beat up your archnemisis even if they didn't feel a thing. Come on, we've all been there. I can think of one person in particular I'd love to shout these lyrics at, particularly The Collapse, the first track on this CD. Lastly, I adore Alive because it's a true, honest to God lovesong. Do you know how rare that is from hard rock bands? I seriously love every song on this album.

Cold-Superfiction (7/19/11) I've been a fan of Cold since I saw them in concert in 2003. I was a senior in high school and I went to a show with one of my friends. It was around the time Stupid Girl had come out and I still love that song! Matt had a friend who had the CD and he was supposed to make a copy for me but alas, that never happened. I'm so sad that it didn't because I didn't actually get a copy until 2006 or so and it's one of my favorite CDs EVER. Superfiction is amazing and I'm glad I bought it the day it was released. The first thing I noticed was how much more singing was actually involved. Scooter is a mumbler, a little hard to understand if you don't pay attention but vocals were much clearer and better on this CD. I do wish that the engineer had turned up the vocals or turned the music down because they tend to blend together in parts making it hard to hear the beautiful words. American Dream is superior vocally, I love the story song that we can all relate to on some level, about family dysfunctionality. I also love the song Delivering the Saint, it's a pretty song with dark lyrics. Again, the singing is amazing and the best I've heard from Scooter Ward.

Evan's Blue- Evan's Blue (Self-titled 7/27/10). I can't believe that I didn't hear about this album until I was doing research for Part I of this series. Wow. The single Cold(but I'm Still Here) from their first album was a pretty big hit but I've heard nothing on the radio since. I've listened to the second CD and it's great but Evan's Blue is AMAZING. These songs have a much more melodic feel than other Evan's Blue songs and I think the vocals are easier to understand because of the new singer. I'm not sure how I feel about changing a vocalist and keeping the same name but that is up to them to decide on I guess. Can't Go On is a huge favorite of mine, a breakup song that has deep lyrics and great wordplay (altering something to have a double meaning, rewording things so they sound new and innovative etc.) I love the line "I won't be needing you, I don't believe you do, so lead the way to the door and I'll follow through." I think Can't Go On might be one of my favorite songs ever, it's that good. The Future in the End is another fun one and Step Back is always stuck in my head as are Say It, Show Me and Through Your Eyes, a true testament to how much I've been listening to these songs. For all the pervs out there, "show me how it feels to be inside you" is not a literal thought hence the "I can't live outside you, I've tried to" that comes later. Mmmkay? Haha! Just thought I'd put that out there.

Egypt Central- White Rabbit (5/31/11): My MP3 player has a strange fascination with the song Kick Ass. It plays it every time I'm in the car, no matter what and I only use shuffle. The song is fun as hell, one of those that instantly lightens my mood. I love that! Ghost Town is so catchy that I find myself singing it all day which I don't mind one bit. I think my favorite song, and the one I sing the most is 15 minutes, "for 15 minutes of fame what would you do, who would you hurt and who would you screw. Would you kill for the sake of making your name? For 15 minutes of shame." True 'dat! Love that.

Pop Evil- War of Angels (7/15/11). I this is another melodic, upbeat album that I'm loving. The song Last Man Standing was actually featured on one of my posts on Urban Decay Primer Potion. Read that here. The whole CD is really outstanding but it wouldn't be fair to not give examples, would it? I didn't think so. Epitaph is another angry, angry at the world, angsty song that I just love. It's really catchy and fun. I can see myself running on the elliptical with this song blasting. Monster You Made me is a slower track that just resonates with me. I think everyone has felt this way before and I think the feelings will immediately come flooding back when you hear this one. Boss's Daughter makes me giggle because of the hell on heels line, one I hadn't heard before Hinder said it, a play on hell on wheels.

If you're in the market for new music you should definitely check these out. All have samples to listen to on the provided link. I can't wait to have more time because I have some great ideas for Drug of Choice: Music, but I'm afraid it will be a little while in the making.

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