Thursday, April 21, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin

We're going head to head, can you handle it?

I kept singing this lesser known song over and over again as I started my experiment pitting Urban Decay Primer Potion against UD Primer Potion in Sin. It's not much of a competition, I love them both, but it was fun for me none the less. All night I kept bopping my head to the inaudible song in my head and I was reminded to check on my progress. Here's what I found out...

I adore Urban Decay, the whole friggin' line is exactly what I'd wear if I had disposable income, the sexy rockstar meets real world look I crave. After posting about them yesterday I was compelled to share my little experiment with my (few) readers. There are days when you just can't rock a smoky eye but you can wear the brights, pastels or shimmers in Urban Decay's line. There are times you can't wear yesterday's liner (not that I advocate that anyway) but why would you want to when you can look like you are without irritating your eyeballs?

I knew as soon as I tried Sin that I would love it. It's a pretty pigmented champagne and on lazy days it's absolutely gorgeous as a sheer wash of color on it's own. It wears just like a cream shadow except for the absolutely awesome fact that it doesn't budge, fade or crease even as the day wears on. On those days where I actually feel like taking the time to do my makeup (most days, thankfully) it looks gorgeous under any shade or texture of eyeshadow, even shades that I don't love on their own. There's a gorgeous dark denim shade of Urban Decay shadow that I was just not fond of until I tried it over Sin, then I fell in love. Over regular UDPP or by itself I found the color to be drab and flat. Since I never look good in blue shadows I decided to pass it along to someone who could give it more love than I. Now I'm reconsidering. The gorgeous shimmer added to the mix made it a whole new shade and I'm holding onto it for now.

Both products create a great base for shadows, help them last 10-12 hours, and do not crease. Sin is great for shimmery shades or making your favorite matte shade a tad more sparkly for those days when matte just won't do. Overall, if you're a shimmer-aholic like me, I'd recommend picking up Sin over regular UDPP. If you love the color and finish of the shadows you already own you can't go wrong with good ol' Primer Potion. It's the most loved for a reason ladies! It really does live up to the hype. I'm even passing a mini UDPP onto my mom when I see her this weekend.

And... since Sin seems to be a reoccurring theme in rock music, I leave you with one of my favorite songs, Let the Sin Begin by Drowning Pool. Enjoy!

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