Friday, April 29, 2011

High vs. Low Liquid Liners

One of the most intimidating products for makeup lovers is liquid liner. I'm not going to lie, it's not the easiest to work with and can take a little practice. For the most part I don't even bother with it but that doesn't mean I can't admire it. Usually I wouldn't buy it unless I couldn't find a similar color pencil to purchase instead.

That's exactly the conundrum I faced when I saw Stila's Sparkle collection. These waterproof liquid liners come in the most gorgeous shades you could imagine and they'd be pretty hard to duplicate. Not only that, they contain sparkles (my fave) that stay in place all day without migrating into and irritating your eyeballs. Available in six beautiful shades: intense black Sequins, brightened dark blue Curacao, foxy brown Rock Candy, pretty purple Royal, sexy turquoise Electric, tropical blue Bora Bora, golden green Flash, slightly lighter than black charcoal Starry. While they're all amazing Electric and Bora Bora really jump out to me for summer. Now, if you can't afford to spend $22 on a product you're not sure if you're skilled enough to apply I have a few suggestions.

If you're really into the idea of a liquid liner you cannot beat the ones from Wet 'n' Wild and at under $3 you can try every single shade. My friend bought me one of these for my 18th birthday (hey, I'm not that old) and I loved it! They have waterproof versions, H20 Proof in black, brown, gray and black-brown. If you're more into the intense and bright colors I suggest Mega Liner which comes in black and brown as well as copper, light turquoise, baby blue, and plum. Katie bought me the turquoise and I'm seriously considering going out to pick up blue and plum as well as a new turquoise.

If the sparkle is what spoke to you my recent Victoria's Secret purchase will really float your boat. I may not be able to stuff my body into their clothes and lingerie for the most part but I just love the bath and beauty products from the store. I'm already planning some more posts about other items but the Beauty Rush liners they sell are fabulous and perfect for sparkle-aholics like me. I just bought the Sparkle liner in beautiful Emerald City, an almost exactly my eyecolor shade of green. It's so pretty I couldn't help but put it on as soon as I left the store. The incredibly affordable (regular price $7 but always on sale for 2/$12 or 4/$20) eyeliners come in intense bright blue Bluminescent, black Nightlight, Starstruck silver, royal purple Plumstruck, and coppered brown Cosmic Cocoa. All shades are infused with silver glitter. These are seriously one of the better lines I've purchased in my life, so fun and pretty without breaking the bank and best yet, they wear wonderfully without smudging or disappearing by noon.

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