Monday, April 4, 2011

Benefit BADgal Lash

I remember reading somewhere that one of my favorite actresses (that would be One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush) was a fan of Benefit BADgal Lash. That was enough for me, I had to track some down. As soon as I joined Makeup Alley I made it my mission to swap for it, get it in my possession and never let it go and I haven't. I probably have 4-5 mini BADgal Lash's in my stash and I've tried it in every color in the rainbow, blue, black, brown, plum (although I found it more maroon than plum) and loved every single one. What's not to love?

First of all, the pigments are fabulous, the colors show up on your lashes without shouting look at me I'm wearing blue or plum mascara. As for the black it's one of the darkest out there and it looks amazing on. The second most exciting thing is the brush. It's big, huge even, but not hard to use like many have found with CoverGirl LashBlast. Best of all, I know a lot of people don't like the rubber brushes and this one is regular ol' fibers, no rubber bristles. Also, unlike a few mascaras I have tried, the formula is not heavy, I cannot feel it on even though I'm wearing 5 coats or so, add as much as you want, you won't get clumps.

My lashes look wonderfully full and thick, no clumps in sight and the brush is easy to use for superior definition. I even use it to add more mascara to my outer lashes and you'd swear I was wearing falsies. When I'm wearing this mascara and look up my lashes can touch my brows on a good day. That is amazing.

I should probably mention that these mascaras retail for $19 more than I'm willing to spend on a regular basis but completely worth it if you're on the quest to find that perfect mascara. You can also purchase a mini for $9 and let me tell you they are great for travel.

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