Monday, April 4, 2011

eos Hand and Body Lotion

There's nothing like a snowy APRIL(!!!!) day to make you want to blog. I'm sitting here with my iced coffee (can you tell I'm hoping for spring?) doing a million and one things as usual but blogging about great products just feels right today. Now it would just be cruel to write about summer beauty products, so I won't. Hopefully wherever you are it's not snowing and you can be outside enjoying the spring weather. In Maine we go straight from snow to mud season to bug season and then it's winter again. Okay, so I might be exaggerating a little bit but that's how it feels when you're stuck in the middle of a winter that will never end. Now I don't even have the sexy weather man to tell me it's going to snow (all of my Maine ladies know exactly who I'm talking about)! I digress.

It seems wherever I turn I see an ad for eos Everyday hand lotion, an ad, a magazine testimonial, but I haven't seen them plastered all over my favorite beauty blogs and, frankly, I'm a little shocked. Everyone loves eos, their shave creams, their lip balms (more on that later in the week) but no one seems to be sharing their love of these hand lotions with me, which has me curious. I'm not a hand lotion girl but that wouldn't stop me from buying a great product and being converted. Has anyone tried it out yet? I haven't even spotted it but I have to know how it is!

It also seems that they've quietly come out with a body lotion as well. Again, I hardly ever use lotion, just a little dab after shaving and I'm done. I'm pretty loyal to my Philosophy Melting Marshmallow scent but these just sound too good to ignore. It comes in three types: revitalizing care- nourish: for normal to dry skin, complete care-boost: for dry to extra dry skin, and active care-refresh: also for normal to dry skin. Divine for the winter that never ends!

Both products are 97% natural, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and free of parabens, dyes, lanolin and phthalates. What more could you ask for? Divine for the winter that never ends!

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