Thursday, April 7, 2011

eos Lip Balm Spheres

They don't call eos Lip Balm Spheres the lip balm that makes you smile for nothing, they really do! I always smile when I spot these, of course that might have something to do with the fact that my cat, Simon, is always knocking them from their spot and batting them around the house. But, they're so good that I have to keep them handy. There's one on the table beside my couch (summer fruit), one in my makeup's lippie drawer (medicated tangerine), one in my bedside table (lemon drop SPF 15), one in my purse (sweet mint) and last but not least honeysuckle honeydew wherever it's needed. Now that I've written them all out I realize it's quite an oversight to have the SPF 15 lemon drop in my night table and not in my purse so it's time for a switcheroo! In case you can't tell, I've collected them all, that's how much I love them.

These little spheres are a godsend. They're big enough to be easily spotted in your purse but small enough that they still fit into the smallest of clutches. If you're a pocket girl may I recommend the lip balm sticks? More compact and available in two different scents (vanilla bean and pomegranate raspberry) as well as sweet mint. I don't have any of these yet but just looking at the scents makes me want to venture out and find them all. Not only that but they are 95% organic and 100% natural and are free of gluten, parabens, petrolatum and phthalates, only making them all the more exciting in my book. Regretfully, natural and chemical-free items don't always factor into my shopping purchases but I love it when I know that I'm not adding more chemicals to my processed food-loving body!

I swear before these babies came along I was the type of girl to slick on some gloss or hydrating lipstick when my lips needed moisture, now I'm a lip balm addict, although in my house all types are referred to as ChapStick (which I also love). Am I alone on that one or do others fall into that trap too? Considering how much I love these babies I should just start calling all lip balm eos but I imagine my husband would take quite a while to get used to that.

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