Friday, April 15, 2011

Face-Off Friday: Amy Lee

Great way to start off the Friday if I do say so myself. I love that song and the video is killer. It's not just gratuitist youtube-ing though, I have a point! It's time for Face-Off Friday once again and this time I'm featuring one of my all time favorites, Amy Lee. As a woman who loves rock music I have to support the bands out there with female members, Halestorm, Skillet (both of which I'm seeing in concert on the 30th), Sick Puppies and of course, Evanescence. Although this song is technically Seether, it still counts, right?

This poster has been hanging in my spare bedroom through countless roommates, one of my male roommates even liked it so much he put it over his bed. Amy is just gorgeous and personifies exactly what I want to be when I grow up; outspoken, genuine and real. She says what she means and means what she says, isn't embarrassed to be who she is. And who can ignore those pipes? Time for her face-off.

This pretty look is basically what I wear on a daily basis, purple shadow, sweet cheeks and light pink lips. Amy and I have the same face shape, skintone and pinkish undertones, we even have similar haircolors and eyebrows. Basically, if my eyes were as light as hers and I had dimples, we could be twins. I love the smoky black liner on the outer v and silver on the inner eye. Her foundation is flawless and you can really see her freckles through it, enough that you would believe you were looking at her real skin if it weren't as matte. Beautiful.

Then we have this look, pretty much the polar opposite, pale skin, extra pale lips and black eyes. This is the real Amy Lee to me, the image that she puts out there, the goth chick everyone loves and she looks gorgeous, it's simply not wearable for us mere mortals. I love the barely there blush and the shiny baby pink gloss but I adore the purple smoke rising from the blackness around her eyes. It lightens the look and shows excellent makeup abilities, abilities beyond what I can do.

If I had to pick, simply because it's more wearable, I'd go with number one. What about you? Are you as big a fan of Amy and Evanescence as I am? It's about damn time we get a new album.

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