Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beauty Girl's Secrets: Week 3: Blush Layers

Now that we are officially into spring I've really gotten into sporting my bright blush that I shared my love for with you a while back. But, you can't just put it on and go. Come summer any color I apply to my face slides right off but I read a great trick to stop that from happening that I just have to pass on.

You've probably realized before now that powder sets your foundation, right? If you want your base to stay add powder on top and you get much longer wear. Well, did you know it works in the reverse, too? I can't remember where I read it but I was shocked when I heard that adding gel/cream/liquid blush ON TOP OF powder blush creates a better flush than doing the reverse. I thought they were crazy but I experimented anyway. A few days later I was going to an outdoor concert and tried it out. Whatdaya know? It worked. My blush was much more vibrant and lasted hours longer than it normally would.

Here's what to do. Apply your foundation and concealer topping with powder. The powder is very important here because as you may or may not know it's always best to apply product types together; if you're wearing gel blush apply it on freshly foundation-ed skin and if you're wearing powder blush, first apply transluscent powder to give it staying power. Next, load up on powder blush and feel free to use a shimmery formula, it didn't appear to hinder the performance. Then, lastly, slick on some gel/liquid/cream blush. As the top layer fades you're left with the powder that was applied first. Crazy but true!

So pass on those crazy beauty tips to me and I'll be sure to give them a good old fashioned Beauty Girl try.

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