Sunday, April 24, 2011

Playboy Fragrances

I'm skeptical? I highly suspect Playboy fragrances smell like high class hooker, sweat and last nights vodka emanating from pores. I could be wrong. I'm not a prude, I just think Playboy really sucks. Except for the obvious fact that there are naked chicks in there (every dude's fantasy) there isn't anything else even remotely redeeming about the mag. The articles are awful and don't even get me started on those cartoons! I'd much rather read Maxim, an actually funny and sarcastic magazine full of scantily clad women, it's more appealing than HELLO! naked pics.

But... in the name of beauty blogging I thought it deserved a mention that Playboy fragrances are now available at retailers everywhere, Amazon, Walgreens, even K-Mart. They are very reasonably priced and what fun loving girl wouldn't love to pull that bunny eared bottle from her purse on a night out. The guys will be flocking to you, that's for sure.

While you're at it pick up a bottle of the men's scent for your guy, he's sure to love you even more if you wrap it in an actual Playboy magazine for his enjoyment.

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