Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Glosses

What girl isn't in the market for a new lipgloss for spring? Uh, I probably shouldn't be but that doesn't mean I can't look. I literally have over 200 glosses in my collection, all purchased by me. What? You're judging me, aren't you? Come on, I'll let you borrow one! MUFE Lab Shine glosses come in three finishes, Diamond, Star and Metal.

Every single shade of the Diamond collection is something I could see myself wearing all summer long, sheer and full of sparkle. I'm the first to pull out the shimmery glosses and much prefer them to plain lipgloss provided they aren't gritty. MAC's Dazzleglasses are fine, Dazzleglass Cremes are too gritty for my taste. I hope these are as smooth as the regular Dazzleglasses.

The Star collection is just as wearable and I'm really coveting S26, a medium pink with pearly shimmer. This shade would be fabulous for summertime (whenever that happens to come)! All shades are medium coverage with a pearl finish.

Metal collection is more full coverage with shades ranging from essentially white opal to oil slick black and every color in between. Why you'd want either of the extremes I'll never know. I guess I'm not edgy enough.

My only complaint is the brush style applicator, I'm not a fan. Is it just me or do brushes always splay apart in the container? On the plus side, I hear that they smell like peaches and iced tea. Yummy. That's one flavor I don't have in my collection and, to me, flavor/scent is right up there with color in terms of importance.

If you've already tried these babies out, do tell! I can't wait to get my hands on them and play around with the endless shade choices.

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