Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beyonce L'Oreal Feria

A few weeks back I went to town talking about all the amazing L'Oreal ads I'd seen recently, how much I love them and how great the marketing behind them is. They're beautiful photography and really fun to encounter in one of hundreds of magazines I read.

Well, this ad caught my eye for an entirely different reason. Beyonce is a beautiful woman, her Sasha Fierce look in particular resonates with me. She's glamour personified and in her regular, every day life her skin makes me envious although she looks so completely different than her on-stage alter ego. However, nothing about this Feria ad makes me envy Beyonce's hair. Besides the fact that her hair is lusciously full and thick there's nothing to love. The color, frankly, washes her out. It doesn't work, at all. Having basic knowledge of hair color I know that when making a drastic change you have to use a filler shade that comes in between your shades. The tone of this color is grayish-greenish, exactly what happens when you try to go from a dark shade to a blonde or vice versa.

I can't not mention how much I really like Feria. As a bottle redhead I have to say how much I appreciate the bright, multi-dimensional shades of red that the dye infuses my hair with. These colors always come out so bright and showstopping without drying out my hair. The price is right and if you are confident coloring your hair at home do not shy away from trying this line just because of Beyonce's lackluster results in the ads.

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