Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Face off: Brooklyn Decker

Who out there's seen Just Go With It starring those two little known actors Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and of course, supermodel Brooklyn Decker, Mrs. Andy Roddick? I haven't but fear not I will see it when it hits Netflix for sure. If you saw my post on the Academy of Country Music Awards then you surely know where I'm going with this edition of Face-off Friday, hair, long vs. short.

Brooklyn recently cut her hair into a bob which I find incredibly adorable, albeit kinda odd considering her supermodel status. If you think about it most supermodels, no matter their ethnicity or racial background, have long hair. Why is that? Brooklyn totally rocks the short hair. Check it out...

I quite like it and it definitely does not take away from her enviable figure. I think many people's problems with the look stems from the terribly unflattering, no makeup picture that is hovering around the blogosphere of this cut. Of course she looks less attractive, homegirl's not wearing a full face of makeup.

Of course, she looks amazing with long locks as well, the perfect buttery blonde hair that we all wish we were born with. I have to admit she does look a lot younger here but the more mature hairstyle does not make her look matronly in any way.

For the sake of it I'm going to have to say I prefer Brooklyn's hair short. I think it's fun and kicky and really shows off her personality. Probably the best thing about the whole look is how happy it appears to make her. I'm sure in no time she'll be sporting extensions but she looks perfect right now to me. You know how I love when stars switch it up.

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