Friday, April 15, 2011

Philosophy Amazing Grace 3-in-1

I just don't get it, never have, probably never will. Why do certain scents just not work with my body chemistry, why do they always turn me off when I want to like them? Take musk for example, my mom wore white musk for a while and the scent alone just made me feel claustrophobic. Same with overly powder-y scented perfumes and deodorants, I just can't get on board so for that reason alone I tend to lean towards fruitier scents and you can't pry my Secret deodorant out of my hand, all of the fruity gel scents smell so amazing.

Enter Philosophy's 3-in-1s. I adore them. They are my favorite treat. I have so many you might call it a collection. They range from fruity to floral and even edible scents. Mmm. Just last night I bathed in the dreamiest tangerine scent imaginable with Begin Again. The only scent I've encountered that I didn't immediately fall in love with was Amazing Grace. Many women swear by this scent and other "Grace" lines. I however, just don't love this musky floral, they don't resonate with me. For my money I want something fruity, something good enough to eat. But, as usual, the poem on the bottle inspires me. Just the words Life is a Classroom, make me ready to learn something, to embrace everything I learn in life.

Amazing Grace is available in a Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, 3-in-1 (shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath), hand wash, lotion and cream, perfumed body butter and in a "firming body emulsion" which is just Philosophy's way of saying body lotion. If you are a fan (or know someone who is) you simply must check out the Mother's Day limited edition gift set containing a 3-in-1, body butter and spray fragrance in the scent.

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