Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dudes-Day Tuesday: CK One A Dude's Perspective

Welcome to Week 2 of Dudes-Day Tuesday. I've pretty much given my husband free range over his topics but I asked him to share one of his colognes with us this week. I like to have a variety of topics and the same goes for Dudes-Day man's opinion column. Some weeks we'll talk about men's beauty products other weeks we'll get a man's opinion on a woman's product. Today Matt is going to share with you something I've recently posted about, CK One. The unisex fragrance smells just as good on him (maybe more so) as it does on me. Here's what he had to say...

I’ve never really been one for cologne. I guess I’ve always associated it with covering up bad smells, the unconverable stench of cigarettes or poor hygiene. To be fair, it’s not usually the cologne's fault, it’s human error, or more accurately, man error. When a dude drenches himself in Axe, it turns a tolerable scent gag inducing, strong enough to make anyone cover their nose and cough. I used to think women’s body spray just smelled better, turns out they just know how to use it.

When my wife got me a Calvin Klein sample pack for Christmas, I fell in love with CKOne. Sure, I’d smelled it before, no let me correct that, over-smelled it before. Everyone used to wear the stuff, I just never realized how good it actually smelled. I love the fresh scent, it reminds me of washing clothes in a mountain stream on a crisp day, not that I really know from personal experience but if I were to imagine doing such a thing, that’s what it would smell like. It’s actually hard to overuse the scent of freshness, hard, yet still possible for most men.

One of the best things about CKOne as opposed to other colognes is that it actually sticks with you all day. It makes me laugh every time I catch a whiff of someone walking by only to realize, that’s me. It doesn’t hit me hard, it’s just this subtle scent that’s always a pleasant surprise. I don’t want to smell offensive or leave a trail lingering behind me, I just want to put people at ease and make them feel comfortable in my presence. CKOne is the perfect cologne for just that, probably why it’s still around after all these years. Why mess with perfection, right?

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