Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Perfect Summer Night Look and How to Get it

Yesterday we were all about looking your best during the dog days of summer, today, it's all about the night. Those sexy dates, fun with friends, even just time with family catching up. There's no excuse not to look your best and have I got the perfect look for you. It might look complicated but I assure you it's as easy as they come.

1). Again, it's best to start with a clean, moisturized face if possible. Pay special attention to the eye area as it's sure to get lots of attention with this look.

2). Foundation and concealer play a big part in making this look gorgeous. For the lucky ladies who can skip it, go ahead and rub it in my face, I can't even workout without applying foundation directly afterward. Make sure to cancel out any discoloration around the eyes to avoid looking like you got beat up, that would be a story to tell your friends and family.

3). Apply a light layer of blush. Here Lily Donaldson's wearing a matte blush in the hollows of her cheek to act as a contour but you can wear whatever makes you most comfortable. Personally, being so damn pale, I'd have to add more blush than this to avoid looking washed out with such bright eyes.

4). This look calls for a light hand with the lipgloss or lipstick. Pale pinks or nudes (depending on your coloring and preferences) would look excellent and keep the attention on the eyes. If you're daring (more daring than me) you could also get away with a slick of balm.

5). The eyes! I highly recommend Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in Fishnet. For reference here are some pictures to give you an idea of the shade and although it looks dark here applied with a brush you can really sheer it out to work for this look.

Look at how gorgeous the packaging is. How could you resist it? Or if you're in the market for a palette why not check out the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Palette? At only $38 it's essentially the same price as just two UD Deluxe Shadows that retail at $18 (which might seem steep but A. they are gorgeous and pigemented and B. they really are huge and should last you a long time)!

If you're looking for a slightly paler shade, or one with a little bit of sparkle, how about Urban Decay Stardust in 54.

These retail for $20 each and even though I haven't tried them, hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have as I'm headed on an outing to both Sephora and Ulta to celebrate my birthday and do some research for DOC.

Apply shadow in thin layers until you reach your desired shade. No need for multiple shades with this look but you could always add more at the upper lashline for a cool smoked out effect. For a more wearable look I recommend applying no higher than the brow bone and no closer to the nose than the inner corner of the eye. Most importantly the look is not complete without a smudge of purple under the eye plus as much mascara as you can tolerate without getting clumpy. That's what makes it a night look. To really light up your eyes you can add the same sparkly lighter than skintone color you used in yesterday's look to the inner eyes to brighten them to the max.

What do you think? Is this a look you'd rock on a night out? For me, a makeupaholic, this screams perfect date makeup. Or it could be that I have a preference for purple shadow which happens to look amazing with an eyecolor. I probably own at least 20 in varying depths and formulas. Sigh!

PS- I have to see pictures if you try out this look!

Dudesday Tuesday: Makeup Men Hate

About a week ago Yahoo! posted a story about "makeup that women love but men hate." I thought it would be interesting to give my opinion on it and in my personal experience if guys tend to agree or not. Overall I think they were spot on with only two major exceptions and both, if not done correctly, could be disastrous as well.

Let's cover the always negatives first. They have heavy foundations and powders at the top of the list and I'd have to agree. If the makeup is caked on then it's going to look awful. No matter how pretty it is, it looks too fake. Guys want a girl who wears make up but doesn't necessarily look like she wears any. Some guys even claim to prefer au naturale and look at any makeup as a bad thing, those are usually the guys who could use a bit of makeup themselves so forget about them! As long as it's not over the top you'll be all set. I do understand that make up covers pimples but honestly it rarely does a good job of it, not in real life, on camera it's fine but never cake on concealers and foundation to cover zits, it just makes them more noticeable.

Bump Its. Why? Oh my God why? No no no no no. Bumps in the hair look stupid, no matter who you are, how beautiful you are, how amazing your hair is. Bumps in your gorgeous hair make dudes laugh, women too for that matter. If it looks bad when celebrities do it then it's a good sign us normal folk shouldn't be doing it either. There are a million cool things you can do with your hair and making a lump on the top of your head is NOT one of them.

Neon Lipstick is a no no. Hell, guys don't even like red lips. Stay on the safe side and avoid lipstick all together except for fancy events when it's kind of called for. Men prefer lip gloss in normal colors. Who wouldn't? They're pretty, smell good and certain ones even taste good. No coating on the lips is good for kissing, I've never met a guy who preferred glossy lips to kiss over naked ones but we realize that lip gloss is pretty, just as long as we can tell they are actually lips. No funky colors please.

Rosy Cheeks are not a turn on, unless of course you're senior citizen in which go all out with the rouge. Some girls have naturally rosy cheeks which is fine, I wouldn't say it's a plus, it's just no big deal. So if you don't have them, don't sweat it. It's like models painting a fake mole near their mouth and calling it a beauty mark. If you have a 'beauty mark' that's fine, but please don't fake it. Honestly, men do not care, at least none that I've met. Even if you're pale, men generally don't care so don't waste your time giving your cheeks color. (Jaime here, we're talking bright strips of makeup not perfectly blended natural colors here, just to make that clear)!

Colored lips are fine, yes gloss is better but lipstick is okay, but under no circumstances should you ever outline your lips with a darker color, especially if you're white. I come from a place where white is the minority so for years I thought this was fine, Spanish girls outline their lips with browns and blacks all the time but many of them can't pull it off either. Maybe it's been instilled in me because of where I grew up so I don't always mind the two toned lips but guys from outside of that inner city culture hate the lip outline and find it ugly and even trashy looking. I think your best bet is too just stay away from all together unless you plan on rolling through the hood with a crew of bad bitches who will gladly mess up any guy who dares scoff at your choice of lip wear.

Glitter. Ugh, don't get me started. A little shimmer isn't bad, sometimes it's even pretty, but please, I beg you, do not go all out glitter happy. Aside from looking ridiculous, it gets stuck to us. I hate seeing a stupid little sparkling spot out of the corner of my eyes only to realize it's a piece of glitter on my cheek that just refuses to come off, no matter how hard I rub. And putting it on your chest is really not necessary, very few guys actually find this appealing. Keep it on your face and keep it minimal.

Okay, now onto the two that I'd have to disagree with and I know a lot of men who feel the same way. Eye shadow is difficult because yes, sometimes it's overdone but rarely do I see a girl and think, 'wow she has on way too much eye shadow'. I've seen pretty much every color known to mankind be pulled off, even colors I dislike such as yellow. My personal favorite is the blue/purple/green spectrum (haha, Jaime again, can you tell he's my hubby? I didn't even have to coach him), black is always sexy as well. The trick is to make it blend in, do some cool shading, make it an art. This isn't a coloring book, the one thing you should never do is color inside the lines, the lines being the top of your eyes and bottom of your eyebrow. The one solid color from top to bottom just looks childish, get creative and guys will take notice. But keep in mind, girls who do this are typically considered 'high maintenance' amongst the male population. Personally I say that's a good thing and it'll probably land you a guy who will do his best to look attractive as well, aka a metrosexual.

The other make up no no that seems out of place on this list is skinny eyebrows. Again, maybe it's due to where I'm from but I find skinny eyebrows attractive and know many others who do as well. I once knew this really pretty girl who called her eyebrows 'caterpillars' and was forced to embrace them because her parents wouldn't let her get them waxed until she turned sixteen. Guys thought she was hot despite the caterpillars above her eyes but the day she turned sixteen they were waxed to thin lines and guys went nuts. It pushed her from a seven to a nine or ten. Some girls are blessed with naturally perfect eyebrows but there is absolutely nothing wrong with plucking, waxing, whatever, guys prefer it, at least every guy I've ever known. The one thing you want to stay away from is getting rid of your eyebrow completely and drawing them on but I also know girls who can't grow eyebrows or the hair is so fine it's barely visible and in that case, go for it. With so many features you can't easily change, you can always make your eyebrows beautiful without too much work, although the work involved is slightly painful.

On that note, do what feels comfortable for you. If you're comfortable with it, it shows. Some girls can pull off wild makeup and no one questions it, it's all about how you carry yourself. Trying different things is always cool too, different colors, different styles for different occasions. If you look in the mirror and think it's pretty, it probably is. And if you believe it, guys will too.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rain Rain, Go Away: The Perfect Summer Day Look and How to Get it

I'm so sick of all this rain! When will it end? Although we've had a few pretty good days here in the Northeast, most days have at least the ominous threat of rain. Personally I wish it would just pour and get it over with, until then I'm going to enjoy the weather for what it is, working around the dampness and humidity.

It's not easy to lighten the load of my makeup bag in the summer, not for a girl who loves makeup so much. I want to pile it on like I do in the winter and honestly, sometimes I do. For those day-at-the-beach days I have to go a little lighter and leave my makeup bag at home, just toting SPF lipbalm (preferably tinted) and a mirror for reapplication. This year I'm preparing myself, researching looks I'll want to wear all summer long. I found two perfect looks, one for day and one for night, on gorgeous model Lily Donaldson. Read on for the perfect daytime look and check back tomorrow afternoon for the evening style.

As you'll see this is a repeated look and it is so for a reason, it looks gorgeous and very low maintenance. I guarantee your friends will think you look low maintanence and pulled together while guys will just think you look hot wearing so little makeup. My how easy it is to fool the simpler sex. This style can be worn by any age, skincolor and lifestyle with a few minor adjustments.

For this classic look you'll need a few items, ones that you probably have in your stash already. That's the beauty of it. It really couldn't get any easier.

1). I highly recommend washing you face and applying moisturizer to still damp skin. You'll lock in moisture and help makeup glide on quickly. You may also apply a primer if you need your look to last particularly long on those hot sweaty days.

2). Next apply foundation and concealer. If your skin tends to get shiny mid-day I recommend going with something matte and for those of you who, like me, have dry skin I'm always a fan of a satin or velvet finish, not too matte but not exactly dewy either. This is totally up to your discretion and won't alter the look no matter what you choose. Make sure to cover any dark circles or blemishes to give your skin a perfect look.

3). Choose a matte blush that works well with your skintone. Peach is universally flattering, light pinks work wonderfully on pale girls like me and berry tones look wonderful on those blessed with dark skin. Also, feel free to go for something sparkly-er if you so choose (you know that's what I'd do)! My personal favorite of the moment Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush with it's not too shimmery finish, subtle violet smell (how awesome is that?) and beautiful design.

4). For the lips it's all about subtle shades with tons of shine and sparkle like those in Cargo's Voyages Lip Gloss Collection. Every single one of these shades could work on any skintone. I realize that in these pictures Lily's lips are mostly undone but we can't have that can we? I don't feel finished until I'm sporting a rockin' lipgloss. The point is to wear something close to your natural lipcolor or if you're lower maintenance than I you could always wear tinted lip balm, a personal favorite of mine is by Burt's Bees.

5). Onto the best part, the eyes. As you can see from the pictures it's important to have a shimmery shadow close to your own skintone as well as a lighter color to highlight the inner corners or the lashline, whichever you prefer. Those with cool toned skin(pink undertones) should sport shades of silver and those with warm skin(yellow undertones) should reach for gold, the darker your skin, the darker and more vibrant the shade. This is the key to the really wide-eyed look you see here. Apply the skintone matching shade to the entire lid. You choose whether to line the entire eye with the lighter color or just use it on the inner corners as both are really great options for opening up the eye area subtly.

What do you think? How beautiful do you look for a hot summer day. Email me the pics!

Hourglass Film Noir Mascara

I have to admit I'd never heard too much about Hourglass cosmetics when I first got this mascara in the Sephora LashStash Deluxe Sampler but since then (last November) the blogosphere has been raving about their products. I really put this one to the test last week when I routinely sneezed 10 times in a row while wearing it without so much as one streak down my face, that in itself almost justifies the $28 price tag. I sneezed all the time and when I wasn't convulsing from the achoo-ing my eyes were still running and itchy. Even rubbing them didn't leave me with raccoon eyes and I love it.

Hourglass Film Noir Mascara has a one of a kind hourglass shaped brush, although I have to say it's much more subtle than I expected and it's pretty hard to see in the picture. I do think that it helped me apply mascara perfectly on my right eye but made things a little tricky on my left. You see, I usually keep the brush in the same direction for both eyes instead of flipping it around when I do my left eye. Sometimes, when I'm thinking about it, I make the switch and it makes a world of difference. This time I accidentally swept all my lashes towards my nose on my first coat due to the brush shape but upon flipping it for coat #2 I had gorgeous lashes. It's an easy switch, something I would be doing anyway if I could just remember.

This mascara really fattens up my lashes on the first coat, lengthening them and making them look like they were curled even when they weren't. Honestly, with all the coats I applied I still didn't look like I was trying too hard and even though my lashes should have weighed a ton, they were weightless. I would highly recommend this mascara to anyone who applies coat after coat and doesn't want to carry all that weight around with them all day.

The only thing that I thought would be an issue with this mascara is the color. Even though it's called Onyx I found the shade more of a dark charcoal gray on the wand but it applied dark on my lashes and ended up being no problem at all.

What I wanna know is what other Hourglass Cosmetics am I missing out on? Have you tried any? Let me know in the comments.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fitflops for Fashion

I'm sure you've seen them around, probably everywhere, and are just as appalled as I am, the "workout" shoes that have giant platforms and leave you with instability to help improve your leg muscles during daily activiity. That's all well and good. Who doesn't want that? Well, what if they're too ugly to see the light of day? Yeah, sorry, I'd rather have cankles than sport some of those fugly things. That's why I was surprised when I saw an ad for Fitflops in Self Magazine. Wow, those are kinda cute, I thought to myself. That's what I'm talking about.

Take a look at the Fitflop Pietra, isn't it pretty? These look just like sandals you'd find me wearing to the beach, no clunky platform, no wiggling to stand still, just a pretty shoe with rhinestones (!). Could you ask for more?

For those of you that are more girly, or like a little variety, there's also the Frou, a gorgeous suede-esque ruffled flower sandal. Just look at her...

With so many other styles to choose from you're sure to find something beautiful that you could see yourself wearing. Do yourself a favor and check out the site. I know from experience that regular ol' flipflops offer zero support for feet, knees, hips, even your back and even if these didn't help you tone up while you ran errands, shopped or strolled on the beach, they obviously offer a lot more support than the flat thongs we slide into every day all summer long.

Available at zappos and fitflop.com

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Discount Beauty

You know those things you just have to have, namely sunscreen, Nair and those fun makeup and beauty items that you use as a pick me up? Well, I'm here to tell you that there are ways to save money and still treat yourself. This week I went on a mini (as in, one night) vacation and along the way decided to hit up some discount stores. It's one of our favorite things to do, usually just poke around all the things you'd never find elsewhere, discontinued items, items that were overproduced, even things with seasonal packaging that wouldn't sell. I found a few secrets to share with you.

1) If you're in the market for some fun makeup and don't need the newest trendiest releases it's in your best interest to check at discount stores first. Honestly, there are some pretty fun things at the dollar store, name brands, things that aren't made anymore. Then there's the stores that get all of the items that were produced too quickly to sell. Check out the prices but make sure you know that you're not always getting a good deal because many times the stores don't now (or care to know) how much something retails at. Also, if something looks off it may have been sitting around for a while and you might want to pass it up.

2) If you're in the market for Philosophy 3 n 1's, do yourself a favor and hit up TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Recently I haven't been into one without spotting at least one Philosophy bottle. I would have bought a ton except I'm up to my neck in them already. With so many scents to choose from this is a great way to explore the brand and save yourself a little moola in the process.

3) Always stock up on necessities like sunscreen, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, body sprays and depilatories (Nair, Veet, etc.) at discount stores such as Big Lots. Man, I went into Wal-mart on my way home for a pee break and couldn't believe the price of my favorite sunscreen. Thank goodness I had picked up that $4 bottle at Big Lots on the way down. At $11 I saved myself $7 and picked up some makeup on a deep discount with the leftover cash. Just make sure to check the expiration date just in case (although the store does that for you). These stores always have cheap body sprays and lotions that are perfect to store in your fridge and douse yourself in during the hot winter months. I love that.

What about you guys? You must have some secrets or regional favorite stores for fun items. Maine girls have to check out Marden's and those of you in New England can't go wrong with Ocean State Job Lot.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Face-Off Friday: Cannes Film Festival

I told you I had some great ideas for Face-off Friday but the truth is there were too many possibilities to ever narrow it down. Here are a few of the women who showed up so many times in my Cannes research that I had to feature them here today. Take a look and let me know your faves (mine are the last image of each lady)!

Uma Thurman is usually, how do I put this nicely, a little fashion challenged. I mean, I can't blame her, she's tall and although she's in great shape I'm not sure she knows how to flaunt it. That all changed at Cannes. You won't believe your eyes. I'm not sure you'll be able to narrow it down.

It was so hard to tear my eyes away from the Chopard earrings and beautiful bracelet to actually check out this gorgeous Versace dress but once I did I was in love. The feathers! The simple sweetheart neckline, Perfection! I love this look on Uma.
Rosario Dawson is another of the ladies who kept popping up in my search. I love that she takes so many fashion risks, some of which pay off and some that are, shall we say, flops! Let me know what you think of these three pics.

Judging by the event, I'm guess Rosario is wearing Calvin Klein here and I think it works perfectly on her. The simple color and design are elegant and sophisticated and the draping adds just enough visual interest to make it a knockout on the red carpet.

Then, as if out of nowhere, I'm seeing tons of pictures of Kirsten Dunst, of all people. My former roommate had the biggest crush on her although he was teased mercilessly for it. Here are three of Kirsten's looks from Cannes.

Kirsten really cleaned up well. I love the hair and makeup in this look and even though I'm not a huge fan of the sheer polkadot look I do love the neckline of this dress. Plus, standing next to that chick would make anyone look less trainwreck. Seriously!

Bar Refaeli, until a few weeks ago Leonardo DiCaprio's famous model girlfriend, completely rocked the red carpet at Cannes. When you're as gorgeous as this girl it's easy to take that for granted and just wear whatever you want. I think Bar really knows how to dress or has a really good stylist.

It was really hard to narrow down but I think Bar looks best in the floor length blue gown. It showcases her body subtly and is just as sexy, if not more so, than her short styles.

There you have it, a very fashionable Face-off Friday. As always I welcome your opinion and can't wait to hear what you have to say.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cannes: The Ugly

It's my party, I can snark if I want to, snark if I want to. You would snark too if it happened to you! Can you tell it's my birthday? I was going to write a giant wishlist to post to the site but that started to get real depressing, real fast. I want it all but I can afford none of it. Instead, I decided to let my inner bitch roam free all over the Ugly looks at Cannes. Enjoy! It'll probably be the last time I'm such a loudmouth.

Wow, honestly I think my heart stopped beating at the ugliness of Milla Jovovich's dress. The drop waist, flapper style gown does nothing for her thin frame and the red seems like an odd color choice. Perhaps in black and white this look could be saved. Plus, I abhor the dragging hem, not long enough to be a train, too long to be a gown.

Rachel McAdams rarely makes missteps when it comes to fashion, she usually plays it safe. I'm a huge believer in taking fashion risks and usually they are what I most like to see. Rachel has a fabulous figure but this dress has little else going for it besides the mannequin wearing it. I hate sheer and red together, I just feel like it reads a little too male-fantasy for my tastes. The sheer train is just odd, as are the sleeves and the illusion neckline. Rachel looks fabulous in red but a red lace gown would have been a better choice than this train wreck.

Paz Vega is gorgeous with her black hair and inky eyes, that much is undeniable. However, I can't decide who would be more appropriate of a choice for a look like this, a couture mechanic or a sleeping infant. A slimmer fit would work for someone like Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj but unless you are a performer, most of us could not pull of a nude jumpsuit. Even the shoes look awkward with their off center rosettes.

When I said earlier this week that Salma Hayek rarely makes a fashion mistake, I completely forgot about this look obviously. There isn't much nice to say about it. The feathers (?) make her look wide and the shiny leather adds inches. I can't say that anyone could pull of red leather though.

I almost hate to rag on Sarah Jessica Parker because she looks so damn happy but come on. There is nothing about that dress I like. The pattern is fugly, it's way too long and voluminous and the long sleeves and shoulder pads leave a bad taste in my mouth. Seriously, stare at that thing too long and you will get dizzy.

I feel like prints are one of those things you have to do perfectly or not bother with at all. Zoe Saldana already made the Bad list with her peppermint striped white gown, now I have to go a step further and add her to the Ugly list for yet another patterned gown. This one has no redeeming qualities, she's swimming in it, the sleeves only draw attention to her narrow shoulder area and the belt looks oddly out of place. Adding a little nice to my naughty fashion bashing, I do have to say that I like her hair and makeup in this pic.

There you have it, Bitchfest '11, a happy 26th birthday present to me!

Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50 Moisturizer

I thought I'd found it all, my one true love, the one I could never live without but alas, this is not a fairytale and Prince Charming was not to be. I'm left blubbering alone in a corner while I stare out my window wishing I could be out there.

Okay, that might be a little dramatic of me but you know me, always with the theatrics. If a girl's not allowed a rant on her birthday when is she? In all seriousness, I did think I've been reading about my dream product, a daily facial moisturizer with SPF 50 (yeah, you read that right, 5-0!) but we just don't get along. It's like me and orange dresses or say, Lady Gaga and pants. Not going to happen. I'll tell you where this not-so-fairytale began.

For weeks I've been reading about Cetaphil's moisturizer with SPF 50 and thought, now I NEED that. Finally I caved and picked up a box, balking a little at the $12.99 price tag when my favorite sunscreen is around $8 but I though to myself, self, this is a moisturizer, designed to make your dry skin moist-er. It promises not to leave you greasy or with a white film, it swears it won't clog your pores. You need this in your life. So I get it home, rip into the packaging before I even make myself supper (I'm a fat girl and I'm starving at the time) and throw it on my face. The first thing I notice is the telltale SPF smell. Okay, I can deal with that. I don't like it but I'm not mad at it either. Then I keep rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and it's not sinking in. It's not even a warm night, my skin is dry, no other product on my face but it just sits there. Okay, I have to give it another try, no big deal.

Sunday was try number two, while mowing the lawn I needed something with a high enough SPF that wasn't going to clog my pores. I slathered my neck and chest with my old faithful, Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage with SPF 28, the one that inevitably would worm its way into my eyes and sting like a mother ducker. I couldn't put myself through that, not with the shape of my lawn after days upon days of rain. I mean, I was looking at inches of grass, still soggy from the rain yesterday, I needed something that would protect me better than that. I will say that when I was sweaty and gross this did not run into my eyes, however, when I applied it a little too close to them on Monday I was left with no choice but to dump my makeup bag out on the chaise to find my precious eyedrops. Also,I was left a greasy mess. I definitely worked up a sweat but my chest, normally the first place to start dripping, was glistening while I looked like I slathered Crisco on my face. Not a pretty look. I'm sure the neighbors were staring, I was scaring off kids and puppies, all sorts of ugliness, but that could have been my purple leggings.

Other nasty side effects include, a greasy residue that just beaded up in the shower until I hit it with some Purity Made Simple. Now my face is soft and slightly hydrated but is it worth it? HELL NO! Honestly, I'd rather use the Garnier one and live with a perma-supply of eye drops. That one rinses clean with water, leaves my face feeling like butter and smells divine. Also, the pump, the one their touting as revolutionary on the box? A piece of crap. On only the second use, holding it upside down so all liquid should flow to the pump and still I got a sputtering akin to the last drops of mustard in the bottle.

Alas, this was not a worthwhile relationship, one that I consider an experiment in bad taste, like the bad boy you dated for two seconds in high school that you shudder to think about now. At least this cheap girl can bring her complaints back to the returns counter and get a full refund.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cannes: The Bad

In lieu of a Beauty Girl Secret this week, I'm just going straight for the jugular in my Cannes coverage, the Bad. You know you love it. Stay tuned for coverage of the downright Ugly tomorrow (which also happens to be my birthday so I can be as snarky as I want to)!

Something about the way Alexa Chung looks rubs me the wrong way. It could be the hair that always looks two steps away from crackhead or the tiny legs. Possibly it's the fact that she conspires to start the ugliest trends and is called a fashion expert. Either way, she totally flopped at Cannes. I think she was going for Parisian chic with those black flats but they do not work with her oddly fitting white dress. All I see is knobby knees. Pass!

Claudia Schiffer seems like an odd choice on the red carpet but I'll go with it. Black lace has to be done just so and I think the see through, panties showing thing is wrong on so many levels. If the whole dress had a sheer panel under it (and a few less raw edges) I might be able to get on board with it. Loving the necklace though!

This dress on Emily Browning almost made it onto the Good list before I looked again. The color is great but the print? Not so much. This looks like it belongs on a formal night on a cruise ship. I applaud her choice of nude sandals and for rocking the pale is pretty look, I just don't think tropical prints have a place on the red carpet, Cannes or not.

Sweet Jesus! I had high hopes for Elizabeth Olsen, little sister of fashion empire-esses Mary Kate and Ashley. For one, she looks just like them but that might be her downfall in this ensemble. What was she thinking? All I can think is 80 year old bride. If Betty White could wear your outfit to her own wedding, it's a no go.

Ah, the Mia Wasikowska pictures I promised you yesterday. See what I mean? These nude shades so do not work for us pale girls. A slightly darker color might be fine but these just make her look like Casper the albino ghost! Not to mention both look like bad 80s rejects, shoes included. A little makeup would do her good as well.

Here's the nicest look on my Bad list and only one thing pushed it there. I love the fit, the length, the hair to offset the strapless bodice, but who in their right mind wants to look like a peppermint candy? Either that or she looks like she's wearing a white strapless one piece with an American flag towel wrapped around her waist. Sorry Zoe, better luck next time.

Last but certainly not least, Vanessa Hudgens. I know Cannes is a relaxed atmosphere but this is a little overboard, it looks like something better left for the beach with a teeny tiny bikini underneath. The tie shoulder really leans into homemade territory. All that's missing is a hippie headband stretched across the forehead.

There you have it, possibly the meanest I've ever been in a Bad's post. Wait until you see what I have in store for tomorrow and the Ugly List.

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base (Primer)

I've become a primer girl, something I never thought I'd be but here I am. Ever since I tried my first one two years ago I've become addicted. Since I'm currently unemployed and rarely leave the house except for trips to the grocery store or to family functions, I admittedly don't use it every day. In fact, I really only use it for special occasions, long days or when I know photos are going to be taken. If you've never tried a makeup primer you should know that its main responsibility is to soften flaws and help your other makeup adhere to your skin better and this one did just that when I tried it out at a long family function last Saturday.

Technically this product is called Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base but I thought that would be confusing if you weren't looking at the product. Clearly, it's not a foundation which I typically think of when I hear makeup referred to as base. I also thought that since the foundation is a souffle that the consistency of this primer would be lighter but it's right up there with Smashbox Photo Finish Light, not a bad thing at all. Also, a little goes a long way. I tried the sample that I've seen in at least three of my magazines and even though the foundation sample barely covered half of my face the same size primer sample did the whole thing. I thought that was amazing and that the jar would last forever, always a plus in my book.

I'm not an oily girl (although you wouldn't know that by looking at me now, see my review tomorrow for THAT explanation) but this primer is known to be mattifying and I can see why. My face felt soft and satiny without any of the telltale grease that usually makes it feel this good. My foundation glided right on and I had no trouble with peeling like I do some other primers. You know when you finish applying your makeup and run your fingers across it one last time and end up with rolled balls of product? I didn't have that with this one, not at all.

One thing I realized about this primer that wouldn't work for me (the only reason I wouldn't consider purchasing it) is that it comes in a jar that you dip your fingers in. Now I'm not known for being the most sanitary person in the world but that just seems like a breeding ground for germs to me. That and the fact that I can't stand dipping my hands in a jar and ending up with half the product under my nails instead of on my face.

Quickly, I wanted to let you know that I also tried the sample of the MagicSmooth Souffle makeup and again, as it comes in jar form, I wouldn't purchase it for myself. This foundation has a really sheer coverage but it blurred my imperfections without really covering them up, great for my fellow freckle-faced girls who want to proudly show them off. I applied it to half of my face and after a few hours (probably around 5-6 hours) you couldn't really tell which side was wearing foundation and which side was not, probably why they market the primer and the foundation together. I have a feeling that the smooth consistency of MagicSmooth Souffle allows this one slip off your face quicker, even without the hot and humid temperatures sure to come in a month or so. It did make my face feel soft and hydrated without making me shiny which is great for any skin texture.

How do these products rate to you? Have you tried them? I'm so glad to see so many products like this in drugstores now, letting those who wouldn't even know where to begin in Sephora have a chance to experience a makeup primer. All I can picture is my mother saying "what's a Sephora?" Show her to the makeup section in the drugstore and she's like a ravenous beast.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Lingerie

I had this friend a few years back, and his girlfriend said she got something for him when she went shopping. My buddy sighed, rolled his eyes and said to me "watch, it's lingerie". That night she climbed into bed in her new lingerie and couldn't figure out why he was disappointed.

Now it may sound cruel but when it comes to girlfriends in lingerie, guys don't care. My friend slept with this girl countless times, saw her naked, all that good stuff, so seeing her in skimpy lingerie was just 'angh'. The exception would be if she wore that the first time they had sex, or before that even and gave him a little preview of things to come. Forget what all the therapists say, sexy lingerie does not spice up a guy's sex life nor does it revive it.

You may ask yourself why he seems to approve of other chicks in lingerie, and that's because he hasn't seen them naked before. If it's Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson gracing the cover of Maxim, guys don't care, not anymore, everyone's seen them naked. It's like taking a step back, like going from having sex back to the days of holding hands and only kissing sometimes. Guys generally want the whole package.

I think what really makes men angry about lingerie is that girls think it's a present for them. Granted, my friend was kind of a dick but he had a point when he said that the lingerie was more of a present for her than it was for him. If someone hands you a present all wrapped up with a bow on it and you have no idea what's underneath, you're excited and ripping that wrapping right off to get to the present. If you already knew what was underneath, you wouldn't be so excited to rip off the bow and pretty paper because it wouldn't be a surprise. That's what lingerie is to guys.

Can a man still appreciate a sexy bra and underwear on his long term girlfriend? Yes of course he can. Some guys like using it for fantasies and things like that, others just like the look of it. So remember, it's nothing against you or the lingerie, it's just taking a step back rather than forward in his eyes. Once the clothes come off, he doesn't want to see them come back on. If you're gonna wear lingerie, surprise him with it, give him a quick peak while you're out somewhere, you don't need to preface it.

To be honest, most guys I know would rather see their girl in boy shorts and a t-shirt. No, it doesn't really make sense but it's equally sexy to us. Lingerie is something to wear for a new man, not the one you've been sleeping next to for too many nights to count. If you wear it to make yourself feel sexy rather than to impress him, he'll find it sexy, but don't do it for his sake. And please please please do not tell him you got him a present if in fact you got yourself a present. He wants a new video game, beer, collectible action figure (or maybe that's just me) or whatever guy thing he's in to. Don't get his hopes up for a present he got years ago. Just because he isn't excited to unwrap you doesn't mean he's bored, it just means you've passed that new toy stage and he still wants to play with you. Take it as a compliment, there's always new toys coming out and he wants to play the same one he's been playing with for years.

Jaime here. In my humble opinion many of us girls consider lingerie to be a confidence booster and therefore it has more to do with how we feel about ourselves than how guys think we look. I couldn't agree more that it's completely unfair to pretend it's a present for him, after all, if you break up is he going to keep your hot bra and thong or are you going to take it with you and wear it for the next guy in your life? Thought so. Matt's not saying you shouldn't wear sexy lingerie, by all means do just don't expect your man to gush over it. Think about it this way, would you be happy if your man said he had a present for you then pulled down his pants and revealed his boxers, probably ones that are your favorite color? Again, thought so. It's a two way street ladies. Buy the lingerie, where it for your man, but don't think of it as a present for him, think about it as a present for your self esteem! Oh and Candice Swanepoel from Victoria's Secret, totally my doing. Matt's more of an Alessandra Ambrosio kinda guy!

Cannes: The Good

Ahh, the perks of being a celebrity. The Cannes Film Festival is perhaps the poshest of all celebrity events, the creme de la creme of Hollywood and fashion elite show up to support films that most likely you've never heard of and probably never will. It looks like one hell of a time. I was inspired by a lot of these looks and you will see that through the rest of the afternoon posts this week. Happy envy-ing!

Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio really brought in Cannes. Doesn't she look like a mermaid. With all her iconic VS poses, my favorite is the mermaid pose she's perfected. Plus, the eye makeup and sexy bedhead just remind you how beautiful she really is.

Try to ignore Brad for a second and look at Angie. Personally, I wouldn't have thought that a brown dress could be pretty but it really is. The ruffle makes it look more couture, a little less prom and it's a simple, classic style that really suits Angelina.

Elisabetta Canalis looks drop dead sexy in this gorgeous mini. I love the sheer panel and the ruffly skirt. She looks like she belongs in Hollywood.

Cheryl Cole. You may have heard of her or you may not. She's pretty huge in the UK, where she's from and I have a feeling her spot on the X Factor will catapult her to worldwide success. Honestly, I think she's one of the most beautiful women out there, although this picture is not very flattering on her face. I've rarely seen her with her hair up but it definitely helps her lowcut dress shine. I adore it. If I had the body I'd certainly be wearing it.

A look I actually love but would never, ever wear is the shorts suit look that Eva Herzigova pulls of amazingly well. I love the ruffled shirt and red shoes, it lends a flirtiness to the whole thing.

Gwen Stefani had a lot of great looks at Cannes, including one I featured on Sunday that I loved so much. This look is just fun and carefree and how beautiful of a photograph is this? I could almost see myself rocking that dress although I could never make it look as good as Gwen.

Something about Jodie Foster's dress shouldn't have worked and on paper it just sounds like a bad idea but in the real world, fabulous. I love the chain neck and the blue looks great with her skin. If only some of her class would rub off on her co-star, Mr. Gibson, who should be run out of Hollywood immediately for his antics.

Here I go again! I think I have a love affair with the color orange, orange dresses to be exact. I'm never going to wear one, I'll say it again, but I can't stop admiring those that do. Karolina Kurkova rocks this dress. I particularly love the waist accent, the black belt and grommets. This is rockstar chic and something I'd more expect to see on Gwen Stefani.

There is a way to look fabulous and classy at the same time and Mia Wasikowska does it perfectly in this dress. The color looks fabulous on her (unlike others she chose at the festival which you'll see tomorrow) and the simplicity of the design paired with a few tweaks really let's her shine. This looks like it was made for her.

I have to say, I don't really watch a lot of TV or movies, not lately anyway, and I have no idea what Linda Cardellini has been up to since ER ended but I was glad to see her at Cannes, brightening the whole place up in this gorgeous hot pink wrap style dress. I could see myself wearing this if I were ever to be on the red carpet, it's an incredibly figure flattering style even though the lovely Linda needs none of the same help that I do.

Many people will probably disagree with me here but I adored Naomi Campell in this feathery yellow frock. Now yellow and feathers can easily read like Big Bird but I think the short style kept it from going there. Naomi looks like she's having fun and we all know we don't want to get on her bad side.

Mischa Barton and best dressed lists usually don't go together but she totally deserved the honor this time. I love the color against her skin and I think it really accentuates the positive in her body type. The only thing I can't get on board with are the pantyhose it appears she's wearing. Just step away from the hose, Spanx would have been a much chicer (not to mention invisible) option.

Perhaps my favorite look from the festival was Penelope Cruz in this gorgeous sapphire dress. The color looks amazing with her coloring (although it looks great on most people) and the tailoring is perfect. This woman did not just have a baby. Holy Sexy, Batman! Again, this is something I might actually consider wearing if I had a place to wear it.

Penelope stunned me, I had to feature her twice. While this gown is certainly out there I think a fab figure like Penelope's can really pull it off. In another color that really compliments her skintone and haircolor, Penelope shined on the red carpet, if all of you Depp girls can stop staring long enough to look at her I'd appreciate it.

Penelope's great friend Salma Hayek just knocks my socks off she's so sexy. Rarely does this girl have a fashion flop and I must say she's got the best tailor out there because it cannot be easy to dress such a petite yet curvy figure. This dress was no exception. I adore it. Look how tiny her waist looks.

In another two-pete we have Tilda Swinton, a chick I've ragged on a few times but always had the most hope for. She really pulled herself out of the depths of my Bad and Ugly posts and rallied her way to not one but two spots on the Good list. Bravo. The first look is a gorgeous separates ensemble that highlights her height and svelteness without making her look like string bean. I adore pencil skirts on taller girls and the shirt really works. I could see a sexy professional wearing this to work.

Didn't I tell you sapphire looks good on everyone? Tilda could not look any more different than Penelope but both look amazing in this jewel tone. I love the subtle difference between shades on the bodice and skirt and the rouching that gives the appearance of a fuller figure. Bravo Tilda! I'm keeping my eye on you.

Were there any Cannes looks you loved that I missed? Let me know. Keep your eye out for some fun extras this week too.