Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Perfect Summer Night Look and How to Get it

Yesterday we were all about looking your best during the dog days of summer, today, it's all about the night. Those sexy dates, fun with friends, even just time with family catching up. There's no excuse not to look your best and have I got the perfect look for you. It might look complicated but I assure you it's as easy as they come.

1). Again, it's best to start with a clean, moisturized face if possible. Pay special attention to the eye area as it's sure to get lots of attention with this look.

2). Foundation and concealer play a big part in making this look gorgeous. For the lucky ladies who can skip it, go ahead and rub it in my face, I can't even workout without applying foundation directly afterward. Make sure to cancel out any discoloration around the eyes to avoid looking like you got beat up, that would be a story to tell your friends and family.

3). Apply a light layer of blush. Here Lily Donaldson's wearing a matte blush in the hollows of her cheek to act as a contour but you can wear whatever makes you most comfortable. Personally, being so damn pale, I'd have to add more blush than this to avoid looking washed out with such bright eyes.

4). This look calls for a light hand with the lipgloss or lipstick. Pale pinks or nudes (depending on your coloring and preferences) would look excellent and keep the attention on the eyes. If you're daring (more daring than me) you could also get away with a slick of balm.

5). The eyes! I highly recommend Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in Fishnet. For reference here are some pictures to give you an idea of the shade and although it looks dark here applied with a brush you can really sheer it out to work for this look.

Look at how gorgeous the packaging is. How could you resist it? Or if you're in the market for a palette why not check out the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Palette? At only $38 it's essentially the same price as just two UD Deluxe Shadows that retail at $18 (which might seem steep but A. they are gorgeous and pigemented and B. they really are huge and should last you a long time)!

If you're looking for a slightly paler shade, or one with a little bit of sparkle, how about Urban Decay Stardust in 54.

These retail for $20 each and even though I haven't tried them, hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have as I'm headed on an outing to both Sephora and Ulta to celebrate my birthday and do some research for DOC.

Apply shadow in thin layers until you reach your desired shade. No need for multiple shades with this look but you could always add more at the upper lashline for a cool smoked out effect. For a more wearable look I recommend applying no higher than the brow bone and no closer to the nose than the inner corner of the eye. Most importantly the look is not complete without a smudge of purple under the eye plus as much mascara as you can tolerate without getting clumpy. That's what makes it a night look. To really light up your eyes you can add the same sparkly lighter than skintone color you used in yesterday's look to the inner eyes to brighten them to the max.

What do you think? Is this a look you'd rock on a night out? For me, a makeupaholic, this screams perfect date makeup. Or it could be that I have a preference for purple shadow which happens to look amazing with an eyecolor. I probably own at least 20 in varying depths and formulas. Sigh!

PS- I have to see pictures if you try out this look!

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