Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

Back in December I told you about my experiences with Maybelline's Dream Smoothe Mousse Foundation but don't be confused, despite the the similar names these are two entirely different formulas.

Dream Liquid Mousse is indeed a mousse-y liquid, with a thicker than normal application. Personally, it really works for me as I need a heavier coverage than most, 90% of the time. This foundation is a little heavier feeling on the face but I didn't find it bothersome in the least, especially not in colder weather months. If your face is on the drier side and you don't easily get greasy it could even work in the summer months. The coverage is medium but can easily be built up to full coverage in those areas that you need it.

What I really like about this foundation, as apposed to other foundations from Maybelline, the color isn't too dark or warm for me, not too bad anyway. Slightly warmer and darker than my usual color, I can blend this foundation to a seamless neck/face match. The liquid makes my pores look significantly smaller because it doesn't sink into them, I imagine that would be the same for fine lines. It doesn't fade or oxidize on my face or clog my easily angered skin. The pump feature is good in theory but I find that it dispenses entirely too much product. One coat isn't enough to do my entire face but two would be too much of this pigmented liquid. Best part is it's completely affordable at under $10 at your local drugstore.

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