Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beauty Girl's Secrets: Week 9: Foil Nail Removal Method

Well, well. I guess great minds really do think alike. Just as I was about to do a big write up for this weeks Beauty Girl's Secrets, I realized that one of my favorite blogger's already beat me to it. Christine over at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic (you're reading her, right? If not, you should be) did a great manicure series last week and she completely stole the words right out of my mouth and wrote a much more eloquent post than I ever could on the topic of foil nail polish removal method.

Personally, I've never tried it, so I can't vouch for it but I know it's something I should be doing, especially since scrubbing my nails to remove stubborn polish is the easiest way for me to end up with hangnails. UGH! I've heard about it all over the blogosphere but it was always something mentioned in passing, like I should already know how to do it, but didn't know how. I finally looked it up about a month ago but with the frequency in which I actually polish my nails, I haven't needed it yet. In fact, my nails are bare and short right now, something they usually are not. No, usually they're all different lengths and in complete chipped disaray. I'm a bad, bad blogger like that. I'm working on it, I really am. In fact I'm going to start backlogging mani/pedi pics that I can use once summer hits for a fun nail polish series. Since I'm not really a trend follower in the polish department, I'll showcase the colors I already have and probably a few I pick up between now and then.

Anyway, here's a link to her post, check it out! I'm not even going to try and write out the details, I think she did a wonderful job of that already.

Here are a few additions I'd like to add. From what I've heard felt is amazing at removing glitter nail polish as it's harder to tear but I think cotton would be just fine for dark or otherwise hard to remove polishes. If you have hangnails like I always seem to, definitely do your best to keep the cotton/felt only on the nail and not the surrounding area. Plus, if you don't run around your house pretending to be a robot with tin foil on your fingers, we are no longer friends! Have fun!

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