Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Givenchy Blush Gelee

I'm a sucker for gizmos, I really am. There's always a new an innovative way to apply makeup, a new formula that can't be missed, or a limited edition doo-dad that will inevitably rock my world. That's how I stumbled upon Givenchy's Blush Gelees.

These little black tubes are the most fun you're going to have applying makeup, guaranteed. Squeeze a little and your gel-like cheekstain is dispensed on a puff that you apply directly to your cheeks, saving your fingers from that telltale, "I'm wearing cheekstain" discoloration. Who wouldn't want that? Plus, if you're doing your cheeks before your eyes and you're a finger applier like me, you don't have to worry about transferring unwanted color to your eyelids.

I adore my Tarte cheekstains and have pretty much every color either in a full size or a deluxe sample sized mini. The only problem I have with those is portability, these bad boys melt and I'm a toter, I carry all my makeup for the day around in my purse. The Givenchy version seems to be a much better bet to do that with as you have to squeeze to release any of the color. At relatively the same price ($33 for Givenchy vs. $30 for Tarte) I would seriously consider picking up one of these at least for the summer months, plus in a more stain-like finish you wouldn't have to worry about reapplication on a beach day. I can't think about it too long because the limited edition Candide Pink is going fast.

The price is right for these, as apposed to a lot of Givenchy products I might actually shell out for such an innovative and creative approach to cheekstain. Eyeshadow ala Le Prismissime Palette, not so much. It is pretty though!

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