Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MAC Fashionflower

The Mayflower has landed! Not really, this time it's actually the Fashionflower but I keep thinking that anyway.

I've never been one for pastel (overly pastel) shadows, especially not those that are matte. I find them very hard to pull off and it conjures up images of those girls in high school who spent hours in the tanning beds and then wore chalky white eyeshadow up to their eyebrows. Not a good look. This collection is full of them, the only remotely intriguing shade is Lucky Green, a lime green veluxe pearl finish, though I can't ever see using it enough to finish the pan.

Beauty powders are to add shimmer to an otherwise matte face but for those that are very fair they can work as blush. Neither of these are really pigmented enough to work for me, I'd rather stick with the msfs instead.

If you missed it in Liberty of London, and that gorgeous LoL packaging, pick up Ever Hip lipstick, a peachy pink Cremesheen lipstick. Cremesheen is easily my favorite MAC lipstick finish, a slightly glossy finish that glides on and doesn't look too matte. I'm so not a fan of MAC lipsticks, I find them to be too pigmented for someone like me who has to slather on a ton to quench my dry lips. Of course, that's just user error and personal preference. If I do it over lipbalm I get absolutely no color, a no win.

What about this collection speaks to you? Anything? I can't say I need anything which is kind of a relief at this point.

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