Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday:Costume Institute Gala

Today’s theme is last week’s Costume Institute Gala. Now it was a themed event (Savage Beauty) so I wasn’t expecting anybody to actually have a pretty dress or makeup but was pleasantly surprised. Of course there were the strange outfits that you couldn’t wear to anything but a costume ball, some of which were actually pretty cool, but these were my favorite looks of the night. I had seven originally but narrowed it down to five. Here they are in no particular order.

Zoe Saldana. It’s simple yet elegant which put the focus on her more than her dress, which is a good thing. She’s a pretty girl with gorgeous hair and very nice makeup, nothing over the top, even her necklace isn’t all that extravagant. It’s her smile that makes her interesting, without it you’d probably look her right over but something so simple can change the entire look of not just an outfit but at the way we look at the actual person. This was easily one of my favorites.

Leighton Meester. Her makeup is pretty, hair is kinda cool, but her dress and shoes are amazing. The lower half of the dress starts to lose my interest but the shoes make me forget all about the lower part being a little dull, it probably would have looked better had it been a few inches shorter. I like that you can see skin through it, or at least it has that effect, which carries over nicely into the incredible heels. Outfits with subtle themes grab my attention for some reason. A few strands of loose hair in the front would have made this even better but overall I love the look.

Isla Fisher. The dress is nice but a little plain, but she looked beautiful so I had to include her. They did a wonderful job with her makeup, dark around the eyes, shimmery cheeks, the light lips, it gives that no makeup sort of look all framed perfectly by her gorgeous hair. It was refreshing to see someone’s hair let down without some weird twist to it, it was just relaxed, wavy and soft, as opposed to most of the other hair that night which looked practically solid and too overdone. I love the color of her dress and its form fitting design, it’s just the fabric at the top that kills it in my eyes, if that weren’t there, although still rather simple, this would probably be my favorite. Then again, I am a guy so maybe it catches my eye because it’s shiny.

Bee Shaffer. Okay so I’ll admit, I have no clue who this girl is but she’s pretty and has an awesome dress. Normally the cape would be a little strange but it’s a costume gala so other than Comic Con, it’s really the only place you can rock a cape and not be laughed at. Although I’m not a fan of dark lips, I love that hers match her dress and it contrasts perfectly with her somewhat pale skin. I absolutely love her hair, like Isla Fisher’s it looks soft and real, something you could run your fingers through rather than bounce something off of. The purple smoky look around her eyes finishes off the perfect look.

Ciara. This dress is beautiful. It looks like something an ice princess would wear to a wedding and it stands out perfectly against her darker skin tone. It loses me a little at the bottom where it gets a little more feathery but I’ll forgive it because the top is so gorgeous. I almost love her hair but it has just a bit too much volume, if she had turned it down a few decibels it would have been perfect, at least in my eyes. I highly doubt Ciara cares what I think. Her makeup is great as well, especially the dark corners of her eyes and overly pink lips, it seems to soften and harden her at the same time, very impressive.

And after deep consideration, I’d have to say my favorite look of the evening goes to Bee Shaffer. I felt bad not knowing who she was and had to look her up, turns out she’s the daughter of the editor in chief at Vogue. Well I don’t feel so out of the loop for not knowing anymore, at least she’s not some huge Hollywood actress everyone’s heard of except me. I hope to see more of her. And just in case you were wondering, the two girls who almost made it on my list were Emma Roberts and Dianna Agron who both looked absolutely beautiful and had very pretty dresses but honestly, I couldn’t tell you what I actually liked about them and that would make for a pretty dull post.

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